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A little while ago I did a poll on what features people would most like to see in a dragon. Thanks very much to everyone who voted and commented - it was really nice to hear what you all thought. Noble and powerful were both qualities high up in the votes and comments. So here is a dragon of those of you who like these sort of creatures - I hope you will like it :)

I have painted a series of artworks featuring girls and dragons. Mainly small dragons. However variety is good, and so here is a big one! I hoped having a person in the painting helps to give an idea of the scale of the dragon, and also suggests a story that might be unfolding. As always it is cool to hear what people think might be going on in the scene.

Thanks to `Elandria for use of her loverly stock photos as reference for the figure.
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Oh im sorry i didn t see that she already added her webside ,... I am new here :-/ 
So you are Anne Stokes? :-) 
I loved your art since I was little,..
Her webside is Anne Stokes so you can see more of her work everyone :-D 
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Really mind blowing!!
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Well, the lady appears safe enough. Great work!
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Absolutely beautiful picture! I love it!!!
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the dragon is very beautiful

This photo is truly a powerful one.   The authority it demands as well as the sense of nobility is amazing.   Nice work!

I just thought of an alternate title for this:

"Playing with food."

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<font><font>putin est super beau!!!!!!!!!!!</font></font>
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I wouldn't definitely be afraid next to a Dragon like this one! Compliments!
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I have card sleeves with a nearly identical picture on them - the only difference is that the woman is replaced by a crystal ball on a stone pedestal.
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^O^ omg love this. You have some serious talent...this is gorgeous. So formidable!
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Just brilliant. I really love your dragons.
awsome,as any other of you paintings:) I love dragons
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Awesome.................. :iconomgsoawesomeplz:
Doesn´t she look a bit like Cersei Lannister? :)
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Impressive detail
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This is stunning
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