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Gothic Prayer

I did this artwork as a ladies t-shirt design for Spiral. As such is simple in both composition and colour and is designed to fade into the black of the shirt.

The idea was to capture mood and create an effective and hopefully popular design for a gothic style garment.
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I actually use this as my gamer picture on Xbox LIVE. :)
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OMG perfect!!!!Heart Heart Heart 
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cool :3 I love gothic stuff 
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A perfect state of serenity. Beautiful image.
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I found this picture ages ago online - somewhere. And never found the site again. Thank god I did now. Love it!
this is so weird. i saw this picture on facebook two or three years ago. I chose this as my wall back round. i had no idea  who did the artwork i just knew i loved it and had to have it so i could see it everyday.  ok so for the weird part. i was on line looking for an artist (waters) who does fantastic dragon drawings and put the with real back rounds (forest, tree, small dragons on leaves etc.) it was just by chance that i happened on this sight. i love what i saw. as i  went through the pages of artwork three pages in what do i see, this beautiful pic. i counldn't believe it. finaly i have found the name of the artwork, artist and ur own thoughts on it. ur artwork is outstanding. this picture has touch me since the first time i saw it. i find myself looking at it for long periods of time.  it  makes me FEEL. the emotions are of God, warmth, sadness, love, sorrow, it make me feel good. it stirs so many different emotion in me. this is what true ART is supposed to do. so i thank you so much for your creativity, talent and imagination. i will be looking to buy some of your work. God Bless you and yours.
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Another of my many favourites here! :) Heart 
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Gotta be my absolute favorite piece here :)
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I have had this picture on my phone for about 2 years and I had no idea that you had done it. I love it!~ :heart:
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Sad and Gorgeous ♥
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this is beautiful
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Anne Stokes <3 !!
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You have been featured [twice :aww:]: ---> [link]

Thank you for sharing your work :nod:
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Super BA man!! Would make for a sweet tattoo!!! Keep up the good work :)
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This is so cool.
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Pretty! I'm gothic, too.
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This looks very similar to a tattoo design I saw once...
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i dont know what to say !!!
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