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Forest walk

This young dragon takes a walk in the enchanted forest for the first time, enjoying the beauty of late summer sunlight.

Or maybe you have another idea for what is going on here? It is always nice to hear what people think :)
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Another amazing dragon! :)  Love it!
MoonRaiserDragon's avatar
Damn this is amazing.
Awesome, I like that Dragon!
LizzieImagine's avatar
This dragon reminds me of Glaedr from the Eragon book series <3
AbnormalPerceptions's avatar
I think he is enjoying himself. He seems friendly, but deadly if toyed with :)
skyrimwolf11's avatar
this looks so cool 
KeySmash83's avatar
This is so beautiful!
Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
Very Nice, I like the Scales.
mairikra's avatar
He resembles the dragon from the series "Merlin," only he's like the young hatchling. Wonderful job!
TheWritingDragon's avatar
how much cooler can it get?!?!
korrawinx's avatar
Cool!!!!!!!! I love your art!!
thetiger12's avatar
wow!! what program do you use?!
Tate27kh's avatar
I am sure if I keep browsing through your gallery I will fave them all!
TwistedSaber's avatar
Wow that is so neat!
camiwolf09's avatar
Holy mary mother of god.
This is AMAZING!
You show that dragons don't always destroy and burn. This is a really good piece of art!
Uglypenguin's avatar
Your art amazes me O,O
FurysArdor's avatar
I would like to buy this print for my nephew (he's 5) he has ask me if I find him a dragon to watch over him when he sleeps. I can not think of a better dragon than this fellow with his slight smile.
MorkelebTheDragon's avatar
This is a great picture! There is nothing like dragon art, and you have the best I have ever seen!
LordStarscream89's avatar
If i could be a dragon i would love to look like that one :D
I :heart: Dragons so much!
You did an amazing job on this one!! I wish i had your talent *___*
Fierce-Fire's avatar
I wish I could draw dragons...
artimisthehuntress's avatar
O mai gosh dungeons and dragons~ :heart:
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