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Fly away with me

By Ironshod
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In the world of fantasy dragons come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fierce and some quite harmless. Here two small dragons find love in mid air ;) I hope you like it.
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Adorable! I love the way you used turtles as an inspiration. ✨

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They're so pretty and sweet!
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Aww! This image depicting the mating ritual of two tiny dragons is so adorable!
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Awwww.... They're SO cute!!! Hug 
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Everything is just so great. Too many favorites.
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Good use of form and colour, but most important, love.
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they are so cute!
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I love their wings. It's rare to see dragons with wings other than bat wings.
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They look adorable. They remind me of lizards or turtles, at least the heads do. Great job, keep it up!
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I wanted to create a creature called a dragon fly. It was to be something like a dragon, something like a dragon fly and something like butterfly. Now I am wondering on the need for adding the dragon fly. I guess I would have to change the name. Maybe I'll make dragon fly dragons and butterfly dragons.
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Awe!! Thay so cute! =D
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It is really beautiful. ^^
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I love the red-eared slider look. Very unique.
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These are fantastic! It's like two butterflies with spiky winds. Love it!
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They remind me a little of turtles for some reason. Maybe those cute faces?
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Gasp! Mirjahi during mating season! =D love your tiny dragons.... <3
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Okay...I know I've already commented on a couple other of your works...but I just...can't stop. I don't just like this. I love it. Your work makes me want to write stories for the character, and it also inspires me to work on my books that I should really be working on at the moment! Anyway, I love to see both sides of the story like this--the kindAND the fercious examples of dragons.
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love this art! ur amazing!
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