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Fire breather

This dragon likes things hot :) It started off as a simple silhouette, but the addition of a few more details on the dragon's scales and light shining through the wings has hopefully made it a little more interesting.

Painted in Photoshop.

I just need some ROAR sound effects now to complete it ;)
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I'd really love to have this one as a statue. I can already see with my mind's eye how awesome it would look.
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Fire breathing dragons are so difficult to tame. But I wouldn't mind having one as a pet.
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Woah, I have this art on some card sleeves.
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Your masterpiece was featured here:…
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*bows down*
~oh teach me wise one~
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War torn, but still strong.
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OMG! I love the pic! AMAZING work!

I'm in love with your gallery <3
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Another example of great artwork!
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Looks like he just won a battle but took heavy damage from the mere mortals known as man! RROOOOAAAARRR!
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I really like this beautiful dragon, but there's one little thing that I have to say:
There is light falling through the holes in the wings, but not from the rest of the dragon, if you know what I mean.
The dragon's silhouette would be much more defined, if you did. The dragon would look as he is really standing in the light...
But it's stil a great painting, I can't make something like this!
I like the way how you made the wings semi-transparant, as you can see the shoulders from the dragon!
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Fantastic wings!
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It's one of the best pictures of dragon I've ever seen. it's so wonderful how you can show light, fire and all the effects that make it so real! I saw this picture on book's cover in bookshop yesterday, it was great :)
Roaaaaar! Blarg! Does that work? :P
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Are you familiar with the Dragon Stories of Anne McCaffrey ? I have read several of her stories - the dragons fly "between Time" and there is a "Thread" that attacks Dragon Wings - burns holes - this guy looks as if he were attacked at some time - have you ever illustrated some of her books
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I saw this pic in a book called "Dragon Art"
Awesome graphic!
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I saw your art in a dragon book -- its good! :P
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Great angle. Cool picture. Dragons = <333
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The holes in the wings suggest that the dragon has been in battle recently...maybe he's roaring because he was victorious?
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looks awsome but the name sounds speicist
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good sound effects?
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