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Dragons Lair

By Ironshod
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Enter the dragon's lair if you dare!

My aim for this picture was to paint a classic image of a powerful dragon. I thought that a red dragon would make an aggressive looking creature, and is a colour that will sit well alongside the golden treasure and dark cavern. Skeletal remains are scattered on the floor to show the fate that awaits any treasure hunters rash enough to take on this beast.

An article about how I painted this picture is published in issue 50 of Imagine FX [link] Out today in the UK and Europe and elsewhere in the world next month.

I hope you like it :)
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I have this one as a poster in my room

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Impressive, Vibrant, Stunning, and Remarkable Artwork!!! :impressed: Creative Colors by Gomotes Stunned Lovey-dovey Fella (Love) :clap: :clap: :clap:

This art is sick!! How does someone buy a print for their house?

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Amazing dragon. I've been looking for one just like it. Could I use it for my flash fiction page on my writing website? It's a personal site to showcase my writing. I'll of course link this page.

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I have this as a theame on playstaition and its animated

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ooh! this is awesome 
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I see this a lot on Google.
And this dragon reminds me of both Smaug and Alduin and I don't know why.
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I think everyone has seen this image SOMEWHERE. And there's good reason for it. ;)
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Is it all right if I use this as a thumbnail for an airsoft video??.. The  Event was called BB WARS. Operation Dragon's Nest  if you wanna google it.  Could never find a dragon picture that fit with the event and has as much intimidation factor as your art work does, and one that is facing  forward in particular.  Will Of course Credit you and link to your page on here in the description...   
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Very dramatic. Coloring is magnificent. Super great piece!
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Wat are yeww lookin at boi?

DoNT MAek mIi cOme in THeRE Or Ill TakE All YoUr BLOodEh GOlD!
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I love the details you put into the drawings.  Everywhere I look tells a story about this dragon, particularly, why it's a bad idea to be in this dragon's lair near its horde.
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Awesome! I just love your dragons. You are an extremely talented artist😀
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always has put into my mind what Smaug should have looked like even before the  movies, also Reds are the most powerful(the only exception being the great green from the dragonlance series 
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Slifer the sky dragon
Narutopowers88's avatar
Yes I'm entering the dragon's lair and giving him a hug even if it means turing into ash lol.
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You are drawing great dragons! :D Take my watch! ;)
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Oooh i have this picture on some of my card sleeves. :o How did it come to this?
Btw: I really like this picture very much! Keep it up c:
love the detail on your work its all so amazing
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I love this picture. Bought it as a poster. Now it's just exact above the television. :D
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very good work!.. :) (Smile) 
Dear Sir/madam

I host a games night Advanced Dunegons and Dragons and I would like to use your poster if I print this
so I am asking for your permission I can makes sure your name is printed below as ownership

please let me know
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This is one of my all time favorite dragon pieces.  Well done capturing the classic dragon feel.
May I use the image of the dragon on a pen if I give you credit?
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