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New artwork. Hope you like it. I certainly enjoyed painting this little dragon :)
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Do you still upload here? I recognized this piece of artwork immediately at an occult shop here in Ontario Canada on a journal. I bought it and I love my current journal.

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OMG, so talented! I adore your work! This is so beautiful!!!
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Omg!!! I just bought the puzzle with that picture!! :DD Will not take long that I´ll get it finished! :D
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If you ever get to view this photo in 3D (like on a 3D tv, like I am right now), do it. It is freaking mindblowing. Love it.
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Gorgeus pick. So detailed
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Love the color of the dragon and the stunning eye you have for detail... An Exquisite Piece!
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Please check your private notes!  Thank You!
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I have a bag of this! I love it so much! :)
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The lighting here is phenomenal!  You are a master in this genre.  Thank you for sharing!
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My PlayStation Background X3
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D'awwww the little cutie ^^
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Your beautiful piece is being featured on our facebook page! Stop by and check it out and thank you for your work!

Musing Star
Founder of…
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I have this as a poster in my room! I totally forgot I had it in my favorites! Wow!!!!
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I feel like she's showing me the dragon and saying something like, "Look at how beautiful they are."
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I found your work here (in a poster)…
This online store with accessories for punks, metals and goths
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Wow, I love this so much
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I saw this on a poster in hot topic !!
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Did you paint this by Hand? Or digitally?
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it's in the digital art category, so it's digital I think ;)
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You've gotta realize someone made this!
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she looks like the dragon lady from game of thrones
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<font><font>Incrível, parabéns sou fã deste tipo de arte!</font></font>
One of my most favourite pics ever
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