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Dragon reflection

The brief for this commission was a close up of a sword, held by a woman, showing the reflection of a dragon in the blade. Is it quite a simple image but hopefully striking in it's design. As you will see I went a bit dragon mad with the details ;)

Maybe she's friends with the dragon, maybe she's a dragon slayer? - I'll let the viewer decide.

Sketched in pencil and painted in Photoshop.
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Stunning! You are an exceptional artist😃
Sailor-Touko667's avatar
The sword is beautifully done!
alpacafreak101's avatar
I would not want to mess with this chick! Lol
Bittersilk's avatar
wow I've seen this years ago! I loved it then, but never knew who made it :-)
Caffeinated-Bunny's avatar
Maybe she's the dragon? 
Grimm-Raven's avatar
not one to seem like a stereo type comment, but gotta love the girl and sword pics :)
biancacao6265's avatar
this would be perfect for my book cover
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This is amazing! I was looking for a dragon + woman illustration and all I found were sexualized poses, half naked girls and sodomizing dragons. This, THIS is exactly the kind of inspiration I was looking for; I love her determination, the incredible details in her eyes, and the dragon¡s skin is simply gorgeous.
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Its like "Stupid girl! your got your edge alignment wrong!"  "Choppy bit points TOWARD the target"
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Reaaally pretty. Keep up this work, it's amazing.
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Wonderful job.  Your warrior looks a bit like Angelina Jolie...coincidence?
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Its so beautiful all your artwork are,
She kinda looks like Angelina Jolie too
XandriaShaw's avatar
I would love to use this for a bookcover. Would that be possible?
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Interesting concept! :)
Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
Nice, One idea i have is, she may be a Dragon in Human Form.
I like your Dragon Art.
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looks great! looks like she's letting the dragon decide whether she's a threat or not. (letting the dragon hone in on the emotion of the sword) as they say, the action of a sword is more powerful than words!
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The Dragon of Legend series used this as a cover until it was changed to something else.

Love the blade ^^
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Who is the original artist for this picture? I can't remember.
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Never mind. KottenxKandy posted it below
She doesn't seem angry enough to slay this dragon in my eyes... just defiant. Perhaps they are friends, or at the least the dragon is a tutor, helping her in her swordplay.
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