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Dragon Rip

Here's a bit of a fun one ;) It was done as a t-shirt design for Spiral. The idea was for it to look as if the dragon is ripping out of the shirt.

Dragon Rip t-shirts are available from Spiral [link] as part of their Legnds range, or via Paypal from my own web site shop [link] If you order from my web site please remember to mention what size t-shirt you would like. They are available in M, L, XL and XXL.
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Got this shirt as a present from my wife. I love this one!
kanahebi's avatar
I can't find the opportunity to buy the T-shirt from the links you gave; are there other ways to buy a shirt with this image on? :)
chichi-dragon-lover's avatar
I have a diary made out of *stony material* with your picture on it. It's gorgeous! :D
DragonyDoodles's avatar
I want to wear that shirt EVERY DAY
thetiger12's avatar
WOW!! what program do you use?!
ElvenIvori's avatar
"Hey, do you hear that?"
"Yeah what is-"

That was my first thought; we're all screwed haha!
Beautiful piece!
JaqErant92's avatar
That is awesome! Seriously, dude!
MzRobbie92's avatar
Your art work is amazingly beautiful.You do fantastic art work!!
TRKizm's avatar
Dragon rage from darkness
vivimorena's avatar
would look awesome drawn on a car or tattoo.
ruslan34's avatar
мне очень нравиться
Byakuhan's avatar
The end resulted turned out fantastic! If I had the money, this would be an instant buy :D
AliyaBloodHeart's avatar
It would look awesome as a custom airbrush design on a cool car as well!!!
Theoriginaldragongod's avatar
I like the Jurassic Park feel it has.
yakira123's avatar
this should be a awesome tattoo
Hey when i get the cash would it be ok to get this as a tattoo on my back? i dont wanna use it then get done for copyright or anything :L
SuterusuZ's avatar
Would also make an AMAZING tattoo... with the red maybe being blood? Hmm... might make a stop to my ink artist. :D
Griphoenix's avatar
This is total awesomeness. o.=.o
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So you're the one that created this art, very very cool. I bought this image on a t-shirt from Spiral the same month you posted this image to dA. It is an impressive piece and I love wearing the t-shirt. I'm about to order another copy of this shirt since the original has shrunk in the wash. You wouldn't happen to have a US-based website, would you? I'd prefer to buy straight from you rather than Spiral if possible.
ShadowGhostHorse's avatar
amazing! :heart: i like your dragons they are lovely
Looks like a Black Tigrex!
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