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March 10, 2009
The details in Dragon Lord by *Ironshod are just amazing. I love how the cobwebs look so natural and the soft purple light falling on the dragon and skull from the window is just a magical touch.
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Dragon Lord

Here's a new painting I just finished, and its something a little more gothic in style. My idea was to show a long forgotten castle. The stained glass window shows a king and his dragon. Maybe the skull is his and the small dragon a decendant of a lost age of dragons returning to its master. Or of course it can mean whatever the viewer wants it to! As always it is good to hear what other people think :)
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This is amazing work!
Cloudy-dragons's avatar
The little dragon is so cute! ^-^
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I think that the dragon is waiting here for his new master to come.
SilvestrisCatus's avatar
Dragons are such majestic creatures, wether they be large or small. ^-^
umirua's avatar
Ooh, neat. Does it happen to be a backstory in it?
ArtemisMoondragon's avatar
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a game called Party Town on facebook stole your art. Both this one and your steampunk dragon.…
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I just get a paper calendar and this painting is in it. And it's really my favorite one. Well done for the colors and the motion and everything else !
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Really amazing work.
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I can almost imagine the dragon singing 'I'm the king of the cas-skull, you're the dirty rascal..'
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I have recently begun to paint this on canvas because I loved it so much :) This is so good I love it C:

also I have put my own painting of it up on my on page, I hope you don't mind :O
Cynder-rawr's avatar
its awesome how u can draw rhis good, imm jealous :3
DDraGon2's avatar
There are no words... That's great... I like... AWESOME!!!
SlightlyDraconic's avatar
Amazing picture. The stained glass especially is wonderfully done. :) I love how your pictures tell a whole story all by themselves.
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I love the color and detail on this!
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Added comment: If in the case (as said on another picture) that you are in fact Anne Stokes, then I stand corrected and furthermore you at the very least know that some of us are watching out for your art so as other don't claim it to be there own.
AnimaDragonLibra's avatar
Yes ANN STOKES, does really good with THIS art, you should see HER art including this on on her website right there are the bottom of "your" picture. I watched her art for a long time, I know when it's hers, common man don't be cheesy, learn to draw and not take. Here is an interesting point though, no one is really looking at all your picture as it seems by the comments below, guess their opinions mean very little when they don't take in the whole picture.
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Yeah, I kinda realized that after I posted it, I probably should not think so much at 6AM hehe! I made a second comment to make up for the first, I figured at least if nothing else, some of us keep a watchful eye for people claiming other peoples art as their own. I figured it out when I looked at the actual profile.
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Wishing there was a way to do more than simply 'favoriting'...
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beautifull. the decendant thing actually makes sense. would make a good story as well.
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