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Dragon Fury

I've been working on this painting for a while, but due to various other projects I have had to keep stopping and starting it. Not the best way to paint a picture, but its pretty much finished now (I think!).

Needless to say this dragon is very annoyed ;)
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This is some beautiful work here.
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Is this available for purchase or commercial use, with accreditation?
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Wow! I love your dragons so much!
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Another great one dragon :)
*Added to fav ;)
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Will you finish it?
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i love how you can see the veins in the wings
Grimm-Raven's avatar
interesting though a Dragon on a church, so are the day we associate them and castles only :)
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So much detail, love it :love:
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Is it a mighty red dragon from D&D? Looks awesome! May I ask what angered him/her? :)
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That's how i want to go out :P
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Heh! I's remember me Heroes 3 X)
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of all the ways for a city to be destroyed, dragon attack is the most impressive way for it to be done.
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reminds me of the Hobbit
legendofspyroXcynder's avatar
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WOW! He is Awesome! :O
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Whoa! Was this done online?

Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
Nice, Wow the Dragon is Huge
I love Dragons
Wow!!! That is amazing!!!
TheMightyM0's avatar
That's pretty cool.
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