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Dragon Dancer

By Ironshod
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I just finished this new artwork called Dragon Dancer. I first had the idea for it when I visited China last year but have only just got round to painting it. Spring is finally here in the UK and perhaps its been the cherry blossom appearing on the trees that made me want to paint it now?
The picture is all about joy, as the girl dances with this playful dragon. He swirls around her captivated by her brightly coloured fans, and the pink petals from the trees catch the wind as they fall. I really enjoyed painting it.

A big thanks to photographer `mjranum-stock for the figure reference photo that I used when painting the girl.
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That is a really cool looking Lung dragon!
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Love her feet. :P The rest too. But the sense of motion it really nice. 
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Nice Dragon Dancer!!
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This is honestly wonderful. 
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Has a wonderful flow...Superb Piece!
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I have seen this exact image done as a tattoo!
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Amazing, I like the title
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Beautiful. Love the colors
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Beautiful, though at first glance seemed to me like the dancer was about to be clawed and eaten... :O_o:
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This is amazing!
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That's bueatiful OoO 😊
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WOW! I really wan´t a t-shirt with this illustration!
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Truly inspiring :)
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It's so unique and light hearted from normal dragon and girl pairings,you did an excellent job.
X0-EKS0-X0's avatar
I love how the dancer and her dragon stand out with such vibrancy and clarity.
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Magnificent! I can't take my eyes off it! Wow! 
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LOVE this one!
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This is so cool
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I like how happy they both look, it shows a friendship between them:) :D (Big Grin) i like it- Fav it!
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