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Dark Rider

This artwork was commissioned for printing on a t-shirt. Hence the fade to the black of the shirt, the irregular border and the main focus of the image being in the top section which will print around the chest area.

The subject is based on the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. A great subject from an amazing book, so a pleasure to paint :)
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NAZGULS! I love LoTR!!!!!
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I was given the impression this was inspired by the Nazgul, which was evidently confirmed in the description. 

Great work!
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WOW!! what program do you use?!
VictHernAravnLeal's avatar
wow epic. i love it
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your wonderful art is featured here [link] :aww:
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Not to be trifled with !
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Going to favourites
alien90210's avatar
i love it it reminds me of the jabberwocky
HijikataToshizo's avatar
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This is AT LEAST 100 times better then the Nazgul from the LotR series!
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New Witch-King of Angmar. Awesome as the Nazgul are, this one is too awesome to be a "common" Nazgul. That's my opinion.
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dude that is insane
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damn i'm sorry i should have look your info firts
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Look, i'm not sure if this art is actualy yours unless you work for Ecs Elitegroup [link]

Is the same imagen use for the box of the graphic card 9600 GT [link]

I check already all the comments here and it seems nobody have make a comment about this.
If this really is your art, my apologies and you are great. If it's not, you suck man
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can this be erase? i'm embarrassing my self soooooo much with this
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i like that film so much and the story i think it's great i like the dragon and the rider on it i think the background it's great
NebulosaMentalis's avatar
excellent design! love those dark colors :D
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Huh, I have the t-shirt with this image on it. Amazing job!
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and also with these :D
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man!!! I really love ur painting... Really good. nice
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