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Dark Angel version 2

I have been asked to make some changes to my Dark Angel art, but the company that commissioned it.
I am not a huge fan of making such drastic alterations at this stage in the painting as the composition was not originally designed to suit this and it would have been better if this had been the plan all along.

Anyway, the Angel has got more evil and there are a lot more skulls ;)

I thought you might be interested to see two slightly different takes on the same image. If you haven't already seen it you can view my original angel design here [link]
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when i saw this pic i had to have it as a tattoo, i never realise it was one of yours till now. totally wicked
I hope you don't mind, but I put your image on a t-shirt.  I'm not selling them or anything -- I'm just trying to learn to screen-print.  I know it's not the best reproduction, and it's only black-and-white, but I like it!
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Nice I bought a shirt that had this printed on a shirt.
Its my fave T-shirt I realy love it Glad I found the orignal artist now.

Its an amazing piece and the shirt is realy one of my most worn shirts ever.
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Mrs Death? Uhuuhu! :)
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I really love her!
I have this tattooed on my forearm. Loved it when i first came across it. Turned out as a pretty good tatt too
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Моя любимая,у ВАС...
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this makes me warm all over
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whoa, totally awesome
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Oh my goth, thats so amazing
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Alexias-Ashley's avatar can acually feel the evil.......i love it!
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this is such a sick ass piece
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Would it be ok to share your pic on my Horror page?
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just WOW, i love it so dark.
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I have to say, that I actally like most of the changes with the single exception of the de-coloring.
For the first part, I don't like the concept of just floating in empty space with just a misterious floating cross in the back. This one has a lot mor feeling of an actual environment around her with the pile of skulls she stands on, and she feels a lot less detached.
Second, I don't like the swords much. I don't like such plain, straight swords anyway, and these look really generic with the exception of the ruby at the base. And crossing swords is for posers. ^^
The scythe looks much better and the skull on it makes it unique. And the hourglass with the red sand (or better yet, blood?) does the rest to the transformation from dark angel to an angel of death. And makes for a good new phrase. ("Your time is bleeding out.") xD
And at last, the two additional skulls on her belly fit in perfectly.
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i want her as my gaurdian angel:)
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