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Cyber Angel

This robotic angel was influenced by the style and hand movement of Thai dancers.

Coloured in Photoshop. The airbrush tool was a great help in creating the smooth metallic effects.
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Beautiful Angel :3 <3
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love this one!!!
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Still so beautiful...

I found this years ago, and I have just rediscovered it today.
Great, as always with your art!
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I saw this image on binders!
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Lovely -- powerful and dangerous.
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This reminds me of some of the Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts 2. Duuuuuuude this is epic.
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i've never seen a metallic angel before. awesome job.
sorta reminds me of something i would find in a video game.
i wish it was in a video game. that would be awesome.
but anyway, great, love it.
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hi i ve bought your cards they are waesome
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HI i .ve bouht your cards they are awesome
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I got the yu-gi-oh sleeves x3
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so, i don't get it, is this what CRASHES my pc or SAVES it?
jk, thumbs up!
Espero estes muy bien.
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Eddie Santiago
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I absolutely loved this the moment I looked at it. Stunning.
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She is lovely! So graceful! and yet she has a sense of wickedness about her! You did a GREAT job!
Hello, wondering if this image is available to use in my own artwork. I do understand how protective artists are of their work & would understand if you say no. Though I would love to be able to use it, with credit to you of course. :D Please let me know. It is absolutely Wonderful!
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oh... so... incredibly... beautiful...
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wings look great
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This is really cool; I like how it looks a little like a cyborg/android - angel combination. The cybernetics give it a lethal appearance. Awesome job :rose:
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Nice metallic colors. And very good concept too.
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