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This is a new artwork in a series of designs of dragons and angels that I plan to paint, themed around different metal and jewel colours. These two companions are aligned to Copper.

I hope you like it :)
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Fell in love with this piece when I first saw it.

Thank you for crediting the artist; that's so helpful. Beautiful idea also.
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In the comments of this piece it says Ironshod plans to paint this. But the artwork is actually by Anne Stokes. See here:…
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I thought Ironshod's real name was Anne Stokes
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I didn't think so, but maybe you are right
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Excellent Work... WOW!
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This is one of my all time favourites! I have a print of this one at home! Truely beautiful!!!
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Beautiful design! Love these two together!
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I love the protective pose!! the colours are so pretty as well!!
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Beautiful (Copper against a copper sulphate sky)
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I can imagine this pair living a power foul and heated life
She can take care of herself but yet still Has her Guardian
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I am great when it comes to a pencil, but HORRIBLE with a paintbrush even with a pencil, I COULD NEVER DRAW THINGS AS AMAZING AS THESE!!!
Three words: You Are AWESOME!
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It's digital art, made with photoshop
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Ah, I see! That would explain some of it!
Dear God but your work is beautiful!
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Love how his wings "hugs" she
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Love the pose and the color.
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I especially love this one, it is the one I saw on your site. and the woman sitting a throne with her other half on her lap. and Secrets, the one in the garden, I LOVE the Angel and the dragon series, I just love it. I am an activist online, I do this for free, for awareness on issues that matter and this was exactly what I wanted to talk about a logo for. I think the two are naturally combined for strength and protection. How I truly love your art, and how truly you are blessed to bring such images to life.
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It's like the dragon and the angel are one
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