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Black Unicorn

A big thank you to everyone who answered my Poll on what colour they think unicorns can be. [link] The result were very interesting and I really enjoyed reading the comments. I am painting a set of unicorn artworks, hence why I chose to paint a black one for some added variety.

~YTcyberpunk made a particulaly nice comment. She said "While unicorns should all be white, according to the mythology, I'd suggest this theory; most are white, a few are black. Think of them like pearls; white ones are rare enough, and black ones are rare among rare."

A black pearl, rarest of the rare was a great inspiration to me. I chose the mountain setting to put the unicorn away up high and apart from the rest of the world and did my best to make the body look like the shine from a black pearl. Thanks very much YTcyberpunk :)

I hope you like it.
EDIT: you can now see the full set...
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Yo. I was YTcyberpunk (still angry at myself for killing that account). I'm still love this piece, and am so giddy that I helped inspire it. Thanks so much for the mention! 

You're probably tired of hearing how beautiful this is and what an amazing artist you are. But it's true. And you captured the pearl effect wonderfully here. 
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I think you should make a Silver unicorn with the moon shining brightly. The background with mountains and peaks around it. That would look really beautiful.
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This piece is incredibly beautiful, and you're absolutely right about black unicorns being much rarer than the more commonly seen white unicorns.
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Your unicorn artwork is so beautiful :love: Great work :)
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Absolutely beautiful.
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Man this is gorgeous! I love seeing black unicorns. You painted this one beautifully. :)
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I had this as a poster. Love it
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It's so good that the unicorn's black! All the unicorns I had seen were white but I prefer black ones. this one is just... AWESOME!
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I really love unicorns so when I came across this picture on google, I just had to have it. I hope you like the coloring I did to it :)…
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Awesome..the unicorn, sky, that ledge is unreal too! His incredible majestic pose is amazing.
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As always, amazing work Clap 
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This was stolen on and submitted to the Creation Space. Very sorry. In the process of reporting it.
I'll note you the link once I find it. Very sorry such a beautiful piece of art was stolen. :(
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Looks like (not sure if this is correct) but he looks like Thunder (?) In the Bella Sarah card collection.
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Black Unicorn is something new for me.. and it`s AWESOME!
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I love this unicorn! It is so awesome and it being reared up makes it even better!
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I love this unicorn! [link] It is so awesome and being reared up makes it even better!
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This is a beautiful painting. I like the colors you picked for the background. It is nice to see a black unicorn for a change.
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I love black unicorns, I actually prefer them to the traditional white ones :)
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Everything in this picture is soo coool!!
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