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Await the Night

By Ironshod
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I was recently asked by Imagine FX magazine to write an article about painting vampires, and this new artwork will be the main feature. Thanks to everyone who commented on my journal entry about what tips they would like to see featured in the article [link] I found the comments very useful and have answered many of the points in the article.

The scene here is a gothic style crypt in which a vampire girl awaits the night and her opportunity to venture out once more into the world, under the cover of darkness.
I enjoyed designing all the gothic style details and bat motifs, and I hope you like it :)

Thanks also to model `Elandria for the reference and costume that inspired the figure.
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I love this picture. It is so beautiful.
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Beautiful vampire ! Good job !
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you're really good *.*
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Beautifully done♥
CottonKandiKitten's avatar
OMFG!!!! this is soooo goood!!!!! can u draw a male one like this, only with a little bit long  white hair? pwease

oh and i used this one for one of my OC's named Theresa 
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i had it as my google acount profile pic a whille ago
blackdeath8's avatar
ive seen these on google some times
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I thought I'd seen this before... I took this photo with my mobile this
morning in a convenience station:…

Told myself that I'd know Ironshod's art anywhere. Something tells
me that they are not licensed to use this image. Certainly not to
sell in some backwater hick town gas station. thieves. FFS.. /smh
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I love this Pic, i have it above the computer screen :D
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I have this as a poster :)
Tree-Wisdom's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
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This is super cool! I want to BE her!!!!!
Darkwhisper88's avatar
I want to be her victim :D
gorjius's avatar
i have a music box with her on it o:
there exactly the same
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Yeah, this artist does a lot of T-shirts and things for the company Spiral, so chances are it is the same. XD

SUNNY SIDE UP! :sunnysideup:
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I love dark images, this one is amazingly beautiful.
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this is absolute favorite of your pictures :heart: It is just so awesome.
CytharCiryatan's avatar
yeah, like your work =)
deviantdianne's avatar
Stunningly dramatic image!
Asagi-K-Kurosaki's avatar
Ah why is all of your art so amazing? :love: I love the bats, they make everything flow together perfectly :love: And the way her hair and her clothes match is a very nice touch, I love her expression, just... so wonderfull :heart:
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You have wonderful pictures! I'm your big fan for a long time!
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