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Angel Rose

I had this idea for a gothic style angel where the wings curve round protectively in a heart shape, and she looks down in sad reflection as a petal falls from a rose. It symbolised things passing, which is also echoed in the falling leaves. The background is painted quite minimally but I hope provides mood and concentrates the viewer's attention on the figure.

My thanks to `Elandria for a figure reference photo
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I just bought this poster & I have it in my room! Absolutely STUNNING.
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I love it. You are very talented
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Beautiful, Gothic, and elegant angel indeed! Roses are my favorite flowers too. There is just so much about this painting that I adore... the heart-shaped curve of the wings around the angel is quite inspired, and there is a slight element of sadness hinted at by her tears. Yet, it is a tender element, made even more touching by the way she is ever so lovingly holding the rose in her hands, almost like she is cherishing it due to it having some deeper meaning to her. The falling leaves do indeed bring out an element of things (such as time or mayhap mortality) passing, and they also suggest an autumn sensibility which contrasts with the rose, which is symbolic of life in the face of the impending winter season, which oft symbolizes death. Everything about this is magnificent! I simply had to favorite it, it is just that amazing. :D
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Hi I would have a question. I am writing a free book. And wanted to ask if I could edit your image as a cover and use?

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Great drawing ,I love it what are some of your other drawings of
pearlea's avatar lovely...
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its not yours u should credit anne stokes the real maker

i hate peaple that cay they made something while its from somoen else

Darling, your intentions are good, but your information is lacking. See, the user Ironshod IS Anne Stokes. Besides, if she were trying to steal someone's art, she wouldn't have left the watermark evidencing her misdeed. Thank you for your vigilance in protecting art and upholding justice on dA, but this picture is right where it belongs. Thanks for watching out for it!
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woooow this is so beautiful (*__*)
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The background definitely had the effect of concentrating the viewers attention on the figure like you were hoping. Amazing art yet again. I love all your work. :D
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Optimal image * - *, traces are divine, congratulations
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