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Woven Tribal Artwork Tutorial

By IronRanger
This is a simple exercise in path manipulation to create the appearance of a woven pattern or for creating knots.
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nice, although what i do is just make random lines here and there and later make a knot if needed
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I just started using Inkscape, great tutorial.
Thanks, I'm going to be putting a blog up soon on inkscape. Hopefully in the next couple months. It's going to be very much a newbie site. I'm going to use it to document my "journey" with inkscape. Check it out in a couple months.

ummmm..... got a kind of noobish question here[link]
Sadness how do i use the outset function. besides this very nice[link]

No prob on the outset inset functions. The inset and outset functions are under the "path" menu. The default keyboard short cuts are ctrl + ( and ctrl + (.

Happy Inkscaping!
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the feed back. I'll come these coming as my skill progresses and time allows.

I checked out mrtentacleguy's tut. And I definitely agree. Pattern Along path is great way of going about creating these types of designs.
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yeah, this is a nice little tut!

great work!

the original shape could be made easy with mrtentacleguy's patternonpath technique! ([link])
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That's a really nice example of how to use the outset function.
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