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Nazi Tears by IronPiedmont1996, visual art

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How does it make you feel to know that while President Joe Biden is outside the United States, Vice President Kamala Harris is President of the United States of America?

To me, that goes to show who is really in charge.

It's Federal law that whenever a President of the United States leaves the country, such as on a foreign trip, the Vice President assumes the duties of the President, formally, until the President's return. It's been this way for over a century.

Nice FAIL. Moron.

Cleary you missed the point I was trying to make. Or atleast imply.

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Thx for watch (month ago)

Hello! I just wrote this political-historical-philosophical comment for YouTube on my view on Freedom, I would like you to read it.

But I must warn you, what I wrote will sound offensive. By “offensive” these days, means I wrote something that doesn’t agree and even attacking the idea of certain people. By ‘certain people’, I kind of intentionally made toward Conservatives and Right-wingers. And you kind of fit in that category. So I warned you.

Why I’m giving this to you. As a gesture of goodwill between us. But better, you can share this with other people in your circle, maybe they can use this ‘statement’ to think a solution to America’s problems, particularly restoring the American Dream the concept of Freedom.

I would love to hear some feedback.

Just to let you know, this is part of what’s in my mind on the subjects, I didn’t too much for room sake. So let’s begin...

I’ve been brewing this for a long time now since I last came here. I’ll start off by saying


Where I come from (not literally), there’s no such thing as (real) freedom. I may be born in America but I never feel free, EVER!

Let me ask you, what is “Freedom?” Is Freedom is where you can do whatever you want with heart content OR anything you want that you are ALLOWED to do?

Freedom is where you either choose a turd sandwich or a douche. (South Park reference btw.)

All those dumb Conservatives, they talk about how the Big Bad Government trying to take away their freedom. But you know who else? The bankers, the landlords, the insurance brokers, electric and water companies, gas companies whenever need to fill up your car, and even your own neighbors who would call the authorities whenever they see what they don’t like. No matter who, there’s always other people who want you less independent. Are you going to take them all down as well?

If you want to truly be free from big gov, bankers, landlords, etc. You might as well live in the badlands like in those “Mad Max” movies or you can move to a nice frozen wasteland called Alaska.

In case if you wonder, what do I have against Alaska? Well, Palin, for one, but mostly it’s the cold. Can’t help it, my skin is intolerable to cold temperatures.

Do you know what happened American citizens after the American Revolutionary War? They get taxed by their own government they helped fight for. Obviously for the war debt.

The Wild West in the 1800s, that is perhaps the most freest moment in American history, where there are no laws, only raw strength and will and the guns on their belts. I’ll admit, that sounds like a beautiful time but it’s gone in the past and the freedom with it thanks to modernization and industrialization.

Now, there is no such thing as Freedom but rather ‘Privileges.’ You heard that “driving is not a right but privilege”; you have to earn your way to get what you want. Or always known as “Meritocracy.” This applies to, well, almost everything in a Human society. Get good grades to go to good college, then get a good job, good living, etc. etc.

So a note for those Freedom-loving Patriotic Conservatives out there, don’t expect to get what you want just because some 233-year-old parchment says so because nobody cares and some play dirty. In Realpolitiks, there’s only power, wealth, and even influence over the mass. But if you continue to believe in this Freedom notion, you still need these criteria of Realpolitiks and good results, in hope to prevail.

Why did you think some states have strict gun control laws? Because of the Liberal/Democratic politicians in state governments? Yes but half-right, it’s ‘The People’ who wanted them so they elected them into office.

Don’t put it on “Liberal Mainstream Media”, right now we have different people from all over the planet, different ideas and cultures, and not all them agree with gun rights.

So each and every society is shaped by the majority collective people.

So if 51% of the voters want to burn the Constitution, the one with the big number wins. It’s wrong but it’s “The Will of the People.” HOORAY FOR DEMOCRACY!

Now here’s what I don’t get. When you have more than one people who agree on a common “individual right” and outnumber their rivals, that becomes a ‘collective’.

So these Conservative-types against cultural collectivism and yet in some areas they are the collective.

It doesn’t matter who or what ideas, what matters is if almost everybody is on board with it.

It’s just not politics or history but it’s also philosophy. There were no rules or laws in Prehistoric Humanity so they basically did whatever they want or need: hunt, eat, sleep, fight, mate, all without established rules or permission from anyone.

But as Humanity developed into a civilization, they sacrificed part of their freedom and individuality to conform with the larger social norm to live and be treated better.

So as society develops, the less free and independent people become, from individualism to collectivism.

I like to think that people in each country are like birds in a cage, they are being kept and ‘owned’ by their keepers (the governments), who feed them, shelter them, in return they expect their ‘birds’ to follow their rules and commands; want something in return.

The only difference is which cage (country) is better where the birds (people) are treated better. But at the end of the day, they’re still birds in a cage.

As for America’s case, Americans are birds in a gilded cage, thinking they are free as birds.

To sum it up, there is no such as ‘pure, true, or real’ Freedom because one it’s flawed, just anarchy. Second, simply put, there’s too many contradictions on the concept of Freedom, like collectivism, social norms, societal or historic changes and development.

So, the next time you go out and bought a “Freedom Fries” or a T-Shirt that says “Freedom” on it, ask yourself, “ARE YOU REALLY FREE?”