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This is a way to add a spacer to the taskbar. Rename the Space.txt to Space.exe, and pin to the taskbar. You should be able to do this repeatedly to make multiple spacers. The exe doesn't do anything, you can see its source in the au3 file.
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Hi, Thanks for the spacer it works great. There's just one issue I scanned the zip file on virus total and 21 out of 59 virus engines classify it as a trojan  and 7/16 scanners reported malware on jotti.
The thing is I'm running kaspersky internet security and they say it's clean and zemana antimalware also says it clean. But why do all these other antivirus engines report it as malware specifically a trojan?

I would really appreciate your views on this issue.
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Wow. Been searching for weeks for something like this.
Great work mate. :D
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I'm loving your space.exe program but I can't get multiple blank spaces. Once I pin it it won't let me pin multiple copies (even after making shortcuts), it only gives me the option to 'unpin'. Any idea?
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Try right clicking the taskbar and changing your settings such that Windows doesn't group similar windows together, I assume that's the issue.
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I found the issue. I was trying to pin created shortcuts of 'space.exe' but that didn't work. All you have to do it copy and paste multiple 'space.exe' than Windows will allow you to pin multiple ones. 
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Yep that is it! I have abunch of copies so I can center my icons. (I created a folder for them). I am glad you figured it out.
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Thanks for the link hekee . The benefit of this program is that instead of an error dialog, if you click the spacer, it won't do anything. It instantaneously starts and stops a single process that doesn't have a window, and remains unnoticeable. I didn't want the "This is not a valid program", and so I made this.
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ok, it worked as you said, thanks!
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No problem! Thanks for the +fav :happybounce: 
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