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Dancing Starlight eqg style

By IronM17
Here a vector of Starlight Glimmer (with her new hairstyle) in EQG style while she dance. The Base was a Rarity Screencap from the show. 

Nude version:…
Bikini version:

Starlight Glimmer belongs to Hasbro/DHX

Please no edits or repost without my permission.
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© 2016 - 2021 IronM17
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"Hey Sunset, can you cast me in the stage version of the Dance Magic music video?"

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Dukenukembadass Shake it Baby  
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i hate twerking!
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it doesn't look like she's twerking to me
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Super job. Keep it up 
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Your welcome. Do you a favourite equestria girls or mlp character  
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My both number one favorites are Twily and Fluttershy.
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Oh. My favourite is Twilight and Fluttershy too
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cool ^^ I love both because both are similar to me. 
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Yeah. Only asking would Twilight and Fluttershy look cute wearing long skirts. What do you think
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What do you mean with long skirts? Like the Gala dresses? 
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Dang, Starlight looks cute while dancing.
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Stupid sexy starlight. 
My thoughts exactly X)
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Can I use it as a base? I'll credit you.
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Yes, you can. ^^
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Darn it, Iron! Stop making Starlight sexy!
Sadly she's not going to be in Legend of Everfree. DAMN IT! I would love to see her human form.
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You eventually got your wish in Mirror Magic.
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