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Rpg by N-ossandon-Nezt
Precursor Knight Patriarch by FStitz
Burn the heretic by kabarsa
Kaya of warmachines by echostar
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Trollkin Scout (1) by DaOldHorse
Trollkin Scout (2) by DaOldHorse
Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Duhnia by DaOldHorse
Swamp Troll by DaOldHorse
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The Hordes Domination: Trolls by Mikeypetrov
Warjack Inspection by ProsopagnosiaArt
Combat Alchemist at work by FStitz
maelock by N-ossandon-Nezt
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Kat's Rifles: Magic Lines Part 1 by Jessica42
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Choir of Menoth by HC-IIX
Revenger by HC-IIX
The PoM Battlegroup by HC-IIX
Eiryss - Mage Hunter of Ios by HC-IIX
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The Gunslinger, the Mechanik by thesearestrangedays
BEHOLD MY GLOWING BEHIND by thesearestrangedays
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Full-Metal Fantasy

Embark upon a journey into the realm of "Full Metal Fantasy," a land where battle-hardened characters gird themselves in scarred mail and metal and take up their saw-toothed blades and smoking forgelock pistols, where steamjacks belch ash and stream upon the battlefields and the cobbled streets of cities and strongholds, and where steam power is fused with arcane might.

Submission Guidelines

The IronKingdoms group welcomes all submissions relevant to Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine/Hordes. This includes D&D character art, photographs of your painted minis, or any piece of writing set in the IK world.

:bulletorange: Artwork may be submitted even if you do not join, but all submitted artwork will be added to the group pending a vote to confirm the content is applicable and follows our submission guides.

The Iron Kingdoms setting has its own distinct, steampunk-fantasy characteristics and flavour. However, if your submitted artwork doesn't look like it belongs, and fails to explain in the deviation title or description how it relates to the Iron Kingdoms, your submission may be removed or not approved. A line in the description referencing IK or how the subject matter is IK-related ("This is my Khadoran sniper") is perfectly sufficient.

:bulletblack: If your piece is steampunk or fantasy-inspired, but not directly Iron Kingdoms, please submit it to the Group Favourites instead!

:star: Gallery Descriptions: What To Upload Where

:star: FAQ and What Is Iron Kingdoms
Hey, fellow IK fans! You may have noticed a wee bit of main page restructuring tonight: necessary if this blog is going to see use as more than just an information repository, as has become necessary.

Let me just start by saying that I love Iron Kingdoms, it's one of my favourite D&D settings and I was really shocked last May when I looked for an IK group on DeviantART and found that nobody had made one yet! I love seeing everyone's IK artwork, it's a serious joy for me to have that opportunity, and making this group is one of the best things I've done on deviantART.

When I made this group, I wanted it to be a place for any and all Iron Kingdoms fans to submit artwork, or to see it. The submission rules were lax. I wanted any IK player to be able to submit their drawings of their characters or their games. I wanted professional artists who contributed to the IK universe to be able to submit their pieces without the need to join the group. I wanted War Machine players to feel like they could submit photos of their armies. I didn't want to turn anyone away.

I still feel this way, but guys, I feel like there is really something that needs to be said. I want to see your artwork, but I want to see it scanned properly. You can't be submitting blurry cell phone pictures at funny angles. You need to resize properly. You need to crop around your subjects. Guys, I want to see your artwork, but please take some pride in what you're submitting.

Let's break things down,

What this means for drawings

:bulletorange: Please take some time and care while you're scanning your images. I'm going to remove submissions that are blurry, difficult to make out, or were photographed without cropping around the image.

:bulletorange: Please only submit finished pieces! Works in progress are going to be removed if the finished piece is already in the galleries. If you have the lineart and colour versions of a piece both in this group, please send me a note about which one you want to keep, otherwise I will remove the lineart. If you believe the lines or the colour are still stellar, just link them in the description of the other deviation.

What this means for Warmachine and Hordes miniatures

:bulletorange: Please take nice photos, guys! Try to make sure you have some nice lighting, a good angle, that kind of stuff. Photos that are blurry, or where we can't even see your nice painting job, will be removed.

:bulletorange: Finished work only! Works in progress, unpainted minis, and bases by themselves will be removed. As much as the IK setting primarily survives to this day through the Warmachine and Hordes wargames, this group is not dedicated to miniature painting and as beautiful as that plot of grass is, it isn't finished until you put your mini on it, and it isn't really setting-specific.

:bulletorange: Don't submit the same mini multiple times. If you want us to see this thing at more than one angle, either put them all together in the same deviation, or link to them in the deviation description. Multiple angles of the same mini will be removed, and if you have a preference for which one is kept, please send the group a note.

:bulletorange: Try to submit pictures of your whole army together on some terrain, instead of each piece individually, if possible. Staging everything together will look epic, and that mini all by himself is lonely without his comrades! Warmachine and Hordes are about building up a whole army, so let's see them!

I've given this a lot of thought and I hope I don't make anyone upset with this. I still want your work in this group, but you need to take a bit of time to make sure you're submitting something you can be proud of. I'm sorry, but if you can't take the time to crop your floor boards out of your photo, or to rotate the image so it's oriented right, we can't have your work in our galleries. I hope anyone who has their works removed will tidy the deviations up and resubmit them once the issues are corrected.

Thanks for reading and have fun, everyone.
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Anyone here go on Roll20 for a game of Iron Kingdoms Role playing?.
JustJamieK Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, I am new to this submitting art thing to groups and if I submitted the picture to the wrong folder I am sorry. :/
NPlusPlus Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm trying to get DeviantArt to create submission categories specifically for miniature painters and sculptors. Full details in the link below, but anything you can do to promote this would be appreciated!…
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First story posted!
ChaplainDA Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Student
Hey all. Would love to see positive feedback on my IK stories.  Would mean a bunch when I finally get em started. Hint: The stories are typed out versions of my party's encounters as dictated by our gm
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