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Audi HDR


I’m new to HDR imagery … And as I was watching some HDR’s yesterday I saw some car ones … so I decided to try one on my own :D | The STOCK car photo was taken by me.

So here is my firs car HDR and my fourth HDR thus far...

Hope you like it :)

( for download I made it 1024x786 so it goes well as a wallpaper)
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you're so welcome:)
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hdr b&w. nu mi-am imaginat ca ar putea arata asa bine :giggle:

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da... toata lumea se mira de asta :lol: HDR la minee o sursa de detaliu si nu de culoare:)

Ma bucur ca ti-a placut
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I like it! Nice work
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in my eyes - perfect use of HDR
looks fantastic in b/w :clap:
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A5? my favorite!
By the way... Are you usin photoshop to merge HDR?
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nop , not A5 ... R8 I think. But that A5 is such a dream :love: No , I use Photomatix Pro 3 for the HDR merge :)
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Fair enough! But A5 is still my personal best!
And thanks for the tip on HDR!
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No probs. Feel free to ask ;) If you are interested in HDR .. then this is the place to check out [link] .
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Well, if you're so free to share, then I've got a few more questions... :)
1. Why not Photoshop

2. How many pictures you usualy use? (I would guess that more is better, but photoshop does better results with 2-3 images than more)

3. Waht exposure jumps to use (I mean first exposure the good one, then 3 stops up and 3 stops down...)?

Im not a complete beginner, but never had results like some guys here...
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1: because when I first used it , it ran much faster than Photoshop and to me it’s more user friendly. I have not tried doing the same HDR images in both software’s so I cand compare the results and decide which one is better… my chose photomatix because I saw a lot of great HDR done with it and staid with it

2. I often use 3. but the number of images you use depends on the situation, on how great the difference of exposures is on the elements in the shot you want to take. Check this clip out and see what I mean [link]

I sometimes noticed that using 5 exp has no different effect than using 3, again , depending on the situation.

3. I honestly don’t think that the order counts in any way.

Ok , so there can be a lot of reasons you don’t get similar results to other people. One might be the camera( the better the camera the better the picture). Raw format is the way to go when making hdr. Jpeg is good too but requires extra work. Keep in mind that not all hdr works you see posted are lef the way Photoshop or Photomatix exports them, they can have quite the big quantity of edit on them ( some artists use various photoshop plugins in their edits. For example noise red plugins. Noise in HDR being such a big problem.) Another reason might be the way you take the shots. Hand held exposures will always suck in comparison to tripod taken shots.

My advice is experiment. Take notes. Try different settings for the same picture and compare. At first , HDR is all about trial and error…well at least it was tome :P
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Yeah, I thought so...
That's exactly what my little experience gave me so far...
Anyway, thanks for everything and see you around!
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I'm glad you do :D
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i love Audis, i guess it must be any Audi's owner thing! ha
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hey it's seems nice !!!
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:D I'm glad you find it that way
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