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Sitting on a bridge smack between the sea and the sky
Makes the world appear so blue, staring as the barges go by
Sun is coming up, strikes me through with comfort and fear
Staying up all night isn't very fitting, I hear

I can barely feel the grime upon my feet, they've gone so numb
Still, it's so much better than the stuffy nothing I've been feeling all along

Tell me how to ride upon the tide out to the sea
And I will dive into the bay and doggy-paddle fervently
Tell me how to breathe when I am underneath the waves
I swear that I will get the hang of snorkeling someday, yeah

Dreams fade in the dawn breaking from the west somehow
And the stars start to appear, it seems the sky is backwards right now
Sun begins to set, suddenly and silently
What a funny sight, so subdued and lifeless like me

Pull myself together just to see another day go by
If I have to keep time to this lazy tempo anymore, I'm gonna cry

Tell me how to leap into the sky and fly away
Cause as of yet all I can do is stand on tippy-toes and pray
Tell me how to flap my arms as if my hands are wings
I want to spread them, try and test them, risking everything
Finally done. xD
For :iconlightningfox196:

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Thank you I've been looking for the lyrics to the song!