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Ghosts N' Goblins

Done in Photoshop. Love Capcom's arcade heyday, and this game, to this day, is still hard as heck! I should know, we have an arcade here with the first and second one and I'm trying to get to the end of the second stage!!
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Wow! Amazing drawing 👏👍
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 I jus randomly thought of this game and thought I would see if there was any ghost and goblins art and lo and behold!  How nice!
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Oh, man. This is one of my favorite games growing up. Did you ever play the PSP version? It's awesome!
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I haven't played the PSP version, but I did play the Sega Genesis Super Ghost and Ghouls.
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Oh, that's a good one too! But if you ever get the chance, def give it a try!
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Oh I will, I need to download an emulator so I can play some classics anyways.
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love those classics
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I love this game it is so addicting... Its one of those games where even though i have to put it on beginner with max lives, i still cant get past the second level without dying a large amount of times.
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Oh, totally! I couldn't count the amount of times where the red devil killed me--on the first stage! And yet, for some sick and twisted reason, therein lies the charm of wanting to keep playing it :D
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Great tribute to one of the hardest games I have ever played. I really hope that they will include Arther as a fighter in MVC 3.
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Thank you! And from what I recently just saw, he is in MVC3!!!!
Can't wait!
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Cool I loved that game
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Me too! Capcom definitely ruled the arcades during the 80's
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aw sweet!!! You don't see much G&G art around! What a great game...and a hard one too :iconragefaceplz:
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Thanks!! Yeah, it's one of my fave 80's Capcom game,and I plan on hopefully doing a Black Tiger piece too.
Oh, totally! Finding G&G art is about as hard as the games itself! :D
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This is awesome! :w00t:
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Why, thank you!! :D
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Cool pic! Can you say "most impossible game series ever"?

Super Ghouls n 'Ghosts was hard enough, and that was the easiest of the 3.
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And it still is!I own the PSP version(which I love) and I think that one is probably one of the more forgiving of the series since they offer a lot of power ups to aid you in your difficult quest :D
I miss my SGnG :(
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Yeah, it seemed like it was. Couldn't you also fight as a skeleton?

SGNG also got rid of Ghouls n' Ghosts ability to aim upwards, which would've definitely come in handy. I only actually own SgnG, but only for the Gameboy Advance, which has a whole new mode containing new levels.
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How weird. I was just thinking of this game th other day for no apparent reason. Get outta my head dood!

Looks cool.

And jeez...the joys of going to a workplace that has arcade games there.
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