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A Bathtime Story
What is it like where you were born Snowfox? Do you remember it?
There’s quite a lot of grass.

Vira sat regarding Alyx for a moment. He was floating on his back in the hot spring they were in with his eyes closed. Figuring out he wasn’t planning on elaborating further without prompting, she snorted and poked him with her snout. And?
Opening one eye, he reached up and poked her back. And what?
And that’s it? You just magically emerged from a pile of grass?
So what if I did?
I have my doubts.

Alyx smiled. The elders say the moon goddess did the make the first Rhion out of grass. So maybe I am descended from the grass people.
Alright, well, what is there other than grass?
There’s a stream occasionally.
You are being impossible.
There are horses too.
For eating?
No! We ride them, and take care of them. The only thing we eat from them is mare’s milk.
But a horse might be tasty to eat. You never know.
If you eat a horse I
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Mature content
Memories :iconirondruid1:irondruid1 0 0
“What did your mother want?”
Scarra leaned back against the railing and watched the rain spatter and hiss against the heat dome that covered the rooftop where they stood, then growled and threw her champagne glass across the garden, where it smashed some distance away. It was the only expression of frustration she would allow herself. She frowned at the guards standing nearby and waved them away.
“She is concerned by our lack of heir production.”
Dharma bristled, “well you can tell her that—”
“She wants me to take another mate,” Scarra cut him off, “I have agreed to at least meet the male she has chosen.”
“So we’re going home for a while?”
“Mother plans to attend the intergalactic empire council. We will stay on Ioterra until then and travel back here to Emperia with the rest of my family for the council.”
“Well I suppose we have no more say in the matter then. Amathali is going to los
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Long Live the Queen, part 3
White. Everything was so bright glittering white that it hurt Raie’s eyes.
The day was sunny as promised, the light bouncing off the white drapery on all the statues lining the plaza in front of the palace. At her back, the silver domes and trimmings on the palace flashed in the sun.
Raie felt like the heavy silver crown on her head was slowly compressing her spine. Silver hairpins jabbed into her head like needles. Blue flowers scratched at her neck and stained her white robes with pollen.
Kerr stood a little behind her. His mood was sourer than hers, but he’d gotten out of wearing a heavy metal headpiece by threatening to fling it off the balcony in front of the entire assembled body of Ioterran citizens.
Some of the said citizens were looking appropriately somber for the occasion. Most were gaping up at her. She’d not made a public appearance until now, and she was conscious of her every move. But what really made her nervous was that she would have to speak, witho
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Yellow Roses, part 4
Dinner passed in a blur for Arren. The food was delicious, but there was so much that only a tiny portion of each dish could be enjoyed in order to leave room for more. Lora flipped and twirled across the tabletop without rattling a single plate. The wine flowed so plentifully that several of the guests were leering drunkenly at the courtesans by the end of the meal.
After the plates were cleared away, Zyon got up at some unseen signal and retrieved his sabre from a servant. The Lady raised her voice over the noise of the conversation. “As is tradition at these dinner parties, I offer for one of my esteemed guests to have a duel with a real, trained assassin,” she said, voice dripping with sarcasm. “The victor will get one hundred gold eyes and a hunting hawk. The first to be disarmed loses. Does anyone wish to make an attempt?”
Almost immediately a younger lord who even Arren, who was mostly untrained in courtly manners, had found to be boastful and rude throug
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Yellow Roses, part 3
“We should go out.”
“Hmm I was thinking the Orchid District. We could go to that bakery you mentioned.”
“I said no. Particularly no to places that I went to before I got sold to a sadistic troupe of murderers. It’s bad enough that I can’t go anywhere without being stuck with you two idiots. I don’t want to go anywhere anyone might recognize me.”
Zyon collapsed backward on the bed, clutching his throat and gurgling dramatically. “It’s killing me! You’ve killed me with your cruel words!” he wailed.
Lora clapped mockingly. “Bravo! You should have been an actor. Arren, by that logic you’ll never be able to set foot outdoors again. And you do realize the entire point of us wearing masks is so that we are not recognized.”
“I’m a much better actor than those poor bastards who prance around with sticks pretending to be the heroes of old,” Zyon declared to R
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Mature content
Yellow Roses, part 2 :iconirondruid1:irondruid1 0 0
Masks and Scarves
“That’s my scarf!”
“No it’s mine and you know it!”
The quarreling died down outside the door again. It had been going for the better part of an hour and Lora was becoming tempted to fling the pitcher of water from the washstand out the door just to see what would happen.
The bells in the market square started to ring the ten o’clock chimes, and Lora jerked upright off the bed and darted over to the dresser to pull a mask and hood out. He had a mask on and was wrapping a scarf around his head before he realized Zyon wasn’t making a move to do the same.
“Zy? You planning on coming or not? Or will I just have to buy that lovely sapphire bracelet you were drooling over last night so it won’t be lonely?”
“Hmm? Oh, Governess said I have to finish this before I can go out.” Zyon heaved a sigh and curled his lip at the paper of mathematic figures he was tasked with.
“And you’re actually going to listen to
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Long Live the Queen, part 2
Raie wandered through dark and quiet halls. This part of the palace was only half-finished, the roof gaping with holes in some places, letting rain in, huge piles of building material nearly blocking some doorways so that she’d had to squeeze by, covering her tunic and pants in dust. A white Cyq perched on her shoulder, having found her wandering through an overgrown garden. She came up on safety barriers barring her way and decided to stop, sitting down on a wide stone windowsill. She pulled a small knife out, and some sweet blood fruits she’d found in a neglected garden. Cutting a piece out, she found they were nearly overripe, but decided to eat them anyway, giving the Cyq the sickliest sweet parts, which it snatched up delightedly. As long as she didn’t have to go back to the main part of the palace to get her lunch, she’d deal with overripe fruit. She couldn’t bear the whispers, the stares, the nearly hostile replies to her requests and questions, or
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Hi everyone! How is everybody?
I've never posted a journal before, so here goes nothing.

I'm curious to know which of my stories/characters you like best, and which story you would like to see more chapters of the most(that may or may not actually motivate me to work more on that one particular story arc Sweating a little...  but it will be good to know)
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