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Rest in Peace Jason David Frank. The original Green Ranger. Gone too soon. May the Power protect you always.
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Lost a great man today. RIP Kevin Conroy. The voice of Batman for over a generation. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.
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Just cause I'm quiet doesn't mean I'm not here. :)
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happy birthday dude

Sailor Jupiter in No Man's Land by Inspector97

Thank you for faving. What did you like about the commission?

I dig Sailor Jupiter the most of the Senshi I think. Nice to see her kicking ass.

Same here. She’s my favorite Senshi.

Hey dude can I ask for your opinion what do you think of animes? The ones back then, back when animes of romance and slice of life genre low key promotes domestic abuse in a form of a cute girl doing the abuse, I’ve talked about this with my friends that a ton of animes are difficult to enjoy due to their excessive promotion of domestic abuse

In fact the abusive women trope has been present since the 90s in fact in the 90s it was hella fucking bad, I’ll give an example Great Teacher Onizuka 3 girls were beating the shit out of the weak guy to the point of suicidal so the teacher solved the problem and punished the girls and the boy was no longer suicidal unfortuantley the bullying didn’t stop, in fact even after that the girls still beat him up, and the teacher does nothing about it, this implies that the only reason he helped was because he was suicidal not because he was bullied, To make matters worse one of the girls confessed that she has a crush on him and they fuckimg ended up together, I immediately stopped watching most animes after that, thays why I praised redo of healer anime

because that anime showed you exactly what an abusive tsundere would be in real life without comedy painted in the anime, hate the anime or not you can’t deny that it did a great job rooting out and exposing so many critics and haters who criticise the anime by saying ”it’s a mistreatment of gender” like what in the fuck are they even talking about?! The anime industry has been mistreating gender for years and it’s only noticed now because it’s a woman on the receiving end? Thank goodness the anime exist to root out the hypocrisy

To put it bluntly this goes deeper than f****** anime dude. There's a lot of people who have a double standard mindset when it comes to gender and what is or is not okay. And it goes both ways and it's b******* regardless. Nowadays A lot of those trends are becoming less common as more people kind of point out how b******* the double standard is. It's like how in one cartoon they put the brunts of the fault of two people cheating on somebody on the girl even though it was the guy who initiated it. They treat him like a stud and her like a b****. Now don't get me wrong they're both equally awful people, but the narrative seems to put more emphasis on how much they hate her while the guy barely gets mentioned by comparison. It's just one of those things that really runs deeper than a genre of animation.