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Metru Nui sights - An Island City

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Welcome to the world of Metru Nui!

I thought it was time to mix things up a little since I haven't made a major image in a long time. This image gave me actual nightmares one night. It took 2 whole months to make from start sketch to finish.
64 layers. Also, i made like 6 new brushes for this image :D you see them as the waterlines, the sparkles and the city-texture.

What I love about Metru Nui as a location is its purpose. it lies within the skull of the giant Mata Nui robot and apparently functions as his brain. A perspective I had not really thought about back in 2004 and 2005 obviously since it was a secret back then, but this gave me great inspiration of what the city is supposed to be like. Because, Metru Nui is not there for the matoran, the matoran is there for Metru Nui. For Mata Nui. This whole thing is a machine, and the matoran are its gears. In many ways this gets me to think in the lines of 'Osmosis Jones'. (Great cartoon movie, watch it.)

 I imagine the matoran commonly live at the groundlevel, while they work machines, or whatever they do, up and within deeper levels of each metru. This doesn't mean they are slaves though. They are having perfectly comfortable lives and the whole place is streamlined for their sake. They wish to work the city and have their world prosper.

Since this is not a Mata Nui Sights, I felt more free to interpret what the city looks like cause.. when looking for references it was actually hard to find consistent images of Metru Nui. The best ones are the overall map of metru nui and the 6 opening shots from the film 'Legend of Metru Nui'. A little note here, from the original official bionicle art there are 2 types of coliseum. one where it is like a huge tower, those are seen in the comics and the movies, and a second in the images where the coliseum is typically in the background as this 3-tower-sillhouette thing (4 towers seen from the side).. I went with the second, because i feel it is more iconic to Metru nui, even thought it really makes you wonder what the composition of the structure is inside.

Now tell me, where would you, dear visitor, want to live in Metru nui? By the shore? Downtown? What Metru? :)

    Background ambience for the mood:…

    Step-by-Step:… and also check out this gif i made of the process…
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Where would I wanna live? Well it's between Ta or PO metru. Because they're not. O'd stay FAR away from ko metru lol

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Wow; I love the steampunk themes of this city. As for which Metru, either Ga-Metru or Onu-Metru.

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I'd like to live in Po-Metru. I've always enjoyed work that involves using tools and getting dirty.
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i can't decide on Le-Metru or Onu-Metru
i know trade and transport are a way to make a living but i like animals
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warahi General Artist

Reminds me of the start of each of the flash shorts.

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FotusKnightProfessional Digital Artist
Christ. 3 years later... To this day. By FAR the best city painting I've ever seen. Believe it or not it's still on my desktop since the day I said i set it. You don't get enough credit. I'd expect this to have like 10K favs by now. You really gotta make an artstation page I swear you'd get lots of eyes from industry guys from this one :0 Just want to point out how great this still is.
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IRON6DUCKHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. much love Fotusknight
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Xelku9Hobbyist Digital Artist
My kind of city!  :)  Even in my adult years, still the most beautiful city I've seen!
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IRON6DUCKHobbyist Digital Artist
Agree :)
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bluerosekatieHobbyist Digital Artist
I would probably live in Ga-Metru, both for the atmosphere, and the schooling, and might want to live near the shore. There's always the chutes to go see the sights, right?
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IRON6DUCKHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. and yeah there would definitely be transportation options in any Metru id think :d
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bluerosekatieHobbyist Digital Artist
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This is SOOOOO COOL!!!! Could I use it as a wallpaper?
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IRON6DUCKHobbyist Digital Artist
of course.
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kwamijacobs Traditional Artist
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Found a picture that satisfy my aesthetic feelings. Thanks
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I only see Ta-Metru and Le-Metru at this angel
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foresticoHobbyist Photographer
Ga-Metru, hands down... the quiet learning district but not as frigid as Ko-metru. From A Guide to Metru Nui, Ga-metru is super pretty
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This is just.... This is the best picture I've ever seen. 
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IRON6DUCKHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw thank you! pokemon gif squirtle 
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It looks like a place you could get lost in if someone was trying to find you...Or A place to find yourself lost in without a trustworthy guide.
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IRON6DUCKHobbyist Digital Artist
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