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cPro2 - minimal



With the release of ClassicPro2, minimal gets updated too!

Its the same simple interface with the addition of:
- a new alternate mode (click the icon beside maximize)
- a small album art between timer and info area (right-click the timer/clock)
- the new features of ClassicPro2

You can make your own colorthemes or clone and edit the preexisting colorthemes via the Winamp Color Editor.
Heres a little readme I found regarding the Winamp Color Editor.

Enjoy! :)

NOTE: To turn on/off the shadow go to right-click->Options->Preferences->Alpha Blending->Uncheck "Enable Desktop Alpha Blending".


- fixed status text not showing seeking status in alternate mode

- StatusText XUI changes from HOLOlike

- fixed shadow missing on restore after maximize
- fixed maximize status not saved on player refresh
- made songticker area dragable to move player

- minor change to fix line showing for a split second when changing modes

- fixed changing colortheme via multibutton
- fixed line position when drawer playlist is open in normal mode
- removed transparency of the scrollbar buttons

- public release
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10 years on and this is still my go-to skin. Bravo my dude.