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cPro2 - minimal

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Published: March 10, 2013
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With the release of ClassicPro2, minimal gets updated too!

Its the same simple interface with the addition of:
- a new alternate mode (click the icon beside maximize)
- a small album art between timer and info area (right-click the timer/clock)
- the new features of ClassicPro2

You can make your own colorthemes or clone and edit the preexisting colorthemes via the Winamp Color Editor.
Heres a little readme I found regarding the Winamp Color Editor.

Enjoy! :)

NOTE: To turn on/off the shadow go to right-click->Options->Preferences->Alpha Blending->Uncheck "Enable Desktop Alpha Blending".


- fixed status text not showing seeking status in alternate mode

- StatusText XUI changes from HOLOlike

- fixed shadow missing on restore after maximize
- fixed maximize status not saved on player refresh
- made songticker area dragable to move player

- minor change to fix line showing for a split second when changing modes

- fixed changing colortheme via multibutton
- fixed line position when drawer playlist is open in normal mode
- removed transparency of the scrollbar buttons

- public release
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Love this skin, so clean. Great stuff.
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I like this skin a lot. I have only one complaint (specifically here I'm using the Shiro:Aka color theme): In the playlist sidebar, where the album art is, the color behind the art is the same as the top of the window, rather than the main body. Here's a screenshot, since I don't think I'm explaining myself too clearly: imgur (dot) com/Zxte0DE
See how the art has the white border around it? It would be much more natural if it was the same red that's used around it (imo).
I poked around the xml color files and whatnot, but that didn't work. If anybody knows a hack or a workaround, let me know!
its-ez's avatar
Great skin, love it! Feels like a new computer.

One question, when I toggle to Album Art View nothing happens, do I need to do something else?
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Truly the most modern & minimal design out of all cPro2 skin. My search out of all outdated & gaudy designs for Winamp is finally over. Thank you so much!
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EmiLEDESMaArgHobbyist Interface Designer
can assure you that this skin is the best by far .. beautiful .. amazing COMBINATIONS appearance of colors and many options .. no errors .. I use neighborhoods years ago .. thank you very much for this function and appearance !!! excellent job !! Buenos Aires from Argentina ..
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While I'm aware this is a relatively old post, I'm curious to know if you removed certain color theme from this skin that were present in earlier version(s). I just reformatted and this is the only cPro skin worth any merit, but I can't find the color theme I used previously. If I recall it was a darker grey with orange highlights, I don't recall the name of the color theme. Am I going crazy or have you removed some color themes from this?
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I didn't remove any color themes.
Just cycle through the color themes, you'll find it :)
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YvannaIrieHobbyist Digital Artist
Dammit I just started using this skin and my desktop is so absolutely clutter-free it's making me want to cry. It's just so sleek and minimal and FUNCTIONAL, wow.

Just... Thaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuu.
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If this question has been addressed before i am sorry but... would u happen to know why there's Chinese characters showing up before my song name? ( be precise..above)? I'm sure its my fault.. i prolly installed it wrong.. but lemme know if u come across this. 

Anyway this theme is AWESOME. thank you sooo much for making it. I really wanted to integrate winamp in the Win 8 system. the original skin just didn't fit in at all
MorwenNolatari's avatar
Fixed: badly named files on my part. :D yey! now it looks just like in your preview. I also remembered to listen to L'arc en Ciel ;)
resathegreat's avatar
sorry to bother you but, i do have the same problem, but my file naming is (i think tho) good. can you please describe me the meaning badly named files ??
MorwenNolatari's avatar
some songs show up with weird characters when i play them, or, rather, the artist or album is written with something similar to Asian letters. i guess it depends on how your file was identified. Some music files come with well placed info (for example... if you go to properties of any song... you'll see some songs have artist/title/album in the right places... some will have all of those within the title location). Generally music you buy on a cd/dvd will most likely have the proper names but when someone else rips and renames them, they don't bother wit details and just type something like artist-song-album)
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ZeusEX81Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, cool stuff, love it. :)
If you're still active I found a bug (if we can call it like that). ;p
In the cPro1 version when we drop files in the playlist they're added to it and when we drop files into the upper or lower part of the player it create a new playlist with them.
Now with this new version no matter where we drop files they're always added to the current playlist. :(
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This skin is an absolute masterpiece. I've been using MMD3 forever and I thought I'd never change it but this just puts into perspective how much I was impressed with Minimal. Also I almost never buy anything digital but I feel the need to donate for this skin. It makes listening to music so much better. Thanks a lot for putting the effort to develop it.

I have one little problem and one suggestion.

It would be nice for me to be able to change the font size next to the clock. Like what you can do in the File Info drawer. It's really not a big deal and probably isn't worth messing with if it is difficult to achieve. I just find it a bit small on small high-resolution displays.

My only problem with this skin is the "Switch to Shade on Titlebar Doubleclick" option. I've tried messing around with all the different options but I was unable to make it work. Whenever I double-click on the titlebar the window is maximized. If the skin is in Shade mode then the double-click restores the normal view but it doesn't work the other way around. It's also not a big deal. I'm used to double-clicking for such a long time but I'm getting used to the Global Hotkey's option "Toggle windowshade" and everything is working flawlessly.

Thanks once again for this wonderful creation.
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ZagriefHobbyist Artist
Thanks for updating this wonderful skin! Loving it <3
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I love this theme, but is there any way to remove the artist info part?
iron2000's avatar
I don't see any artist info?
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The best theme. Thank you.
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caterpillar060711Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just installed this skin and I love it but for some reason the window will not allow itself to be dragged to another monitor this is the only skin that does this.
Any Idea how to fix it?

iron2000's avatar
Ok, just tried it on dual monitor and I can drag the window to the other monitor just fine.
caterpillar060711's avatar
caterpillar060711Hobbyist Digital Artist
What dual screen program did you test it with? I use display fusion with my set up.

iron2000's avatar
Tested using Windows 7.
It supports dual monitors by default.
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