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P3mix for P4 HUD Extended



A style for Persona 4 HUD Extended.
Be sure to install at least v1.10 of Persona 4 HUD Extended first.

Just had to do a style for Persona 3.
This time the design is done from scratch by me.
Tried to limit the design to the style format, don't want to bloat the style format too much.
The specialty of this style is the option to change the color of the background.

Credits for the weather icons goes to xiao4…

Have to thank jsmorley for his speedy replies in the forum and for providing the new version of RainRGB.
The new RainRGB is packaged with P3mix to ensure proper working.

--ABOUT STYLES---------------------------------
Styles consist of the stylesheet(inc file) and the images.
Anyone can make a style, you just need to study the available styles first.
One rule is the style folder name and the stylesheet filename must be the same.
There are also certain image paths to edit in the stylesheet to make sure that the images show up correctly.
Another thing is not to change the filenames of the images.

Execute the rmskin file to install.
Be sure to have installed the main Persona 4 HUD Extended config first.

If you are using a portable Rainmeter installation, you can use SkinInstaller.exe to install the rmskin file.
SkinInstaller.exe should be at "[PortableInstallDirectory]Rainmeter".

More on adding Rainmeter skins here…

v1.4 (24 Jan 2020)
- changes to accommodate the new weather code in the main config

v1.3 (26 Mar 2016)
- took out the language parts
- only for P4HUDEX v1.3 and above!

v1.21 (7 Apr 2013)
- changes in the code

v1.20 (7 Apr 2013)
- minor settings text change

v1.10 (9 Aug 2012)
- changes to weather icon display code
- updated to latest rmskin version, Rainmeter and up required!

v1.01 (14 Jun 2011)
- switched to newer version of RainRGB to limit config refresh to P4HUDEX only
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AAAAA THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!