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My Bio
I do drawing on the side, mostly i have my own style but i am always looking to explore my talent and try something new, and joining sites like this can actually help me with that.

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to Count
Favourite Movies
Hunchback of Notre Dame, Red River (and other good oldies) etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Stargate sg1, Reba, Gargoyles, Tailspin, Batman the animated series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Beatles, the Shadows, John Lennon, Johnny and Rossane Cash, etc.
Favourite Books
Redwall, Artemis Fowl, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Classics, etc.
Favourite Writers
Bernard shaw, Brian Jacques, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, etc.
Favourite Games
Starcraft, Chess, Risk, Sly cooper, etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 2, 3
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, pigment pens, markers, crayons, i like to use everything
Other Interests
Plays, and gothic fiction, Animation, voice acting (the know how)
I'm @Iron1Fox, and I'm a #NewDeviant. Here's a bit about me: I'm A hobbyist artist, i like to draw to make myself feel better, but i also am interested in making tattoo designs, and I'm always ready to learn something new and or practice a new form f...
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Howdy! thanks for faving one of my art;

Heyy, thank you so much for the fave! :love: 
Watch me if you like my artwork! Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] 
Thanks for the fave on my Green Eggs and Ham artwork! Have a great day!

Appreciate the LUV!

*Shame on you for only using those as your reliable sources of information*

And shame on you using a "poison the well" fallacy...I guess it's easier then actually arguing where an article is wrong to just claim becasue of the "bias" everything msut be wrong...lazy but sound thinking...

Never mind that bias means nothing, as most if not all sources and media have bias...the real question is how factual, accurate and detailed their content is.

*as opposed to independent platforms like Tim Pool*

Tim pool is a joke...if you check his YouTube and social media page it's almost all dedicated to conservative/alt right talking points..."his content is composed almost exclusively of rebuttal-free alt-right talking points."


Rational wiki perfectly outlines what an idiot and alt right chud Tim pool really is.

And since you brought it up,

and i quote: "Overall, we rate RationalWiki Left-Center biased based on use of loaded language against conservatives and High for factual reporting due to pro-science reporting coupled with proper sourcing and a clean fact check record."

So it has a left-center bias and yet has the high rating for factual information and has never failed a fack check...

I remember when pool posted a totally false article about how rpeublicans would never be bale to get elected again...pushing a an article from the Center for Immigration studies

a right wing think tank run by a eugenics supporting white nationalist....

The article was totally false and debunked...but Pool apparently did no fact checking at all and posted it on Facebook

As soon as enough people were openly talking about how he was pushing debunked garbage he apologized for the post on social media...but never took down the video it seems...

*Third, where and what are these the so-called domestic terrorist right-wing groups? And what makes them so egregiously dangerous that the FBI needed to give special attention to, as opposed to Antifa?*

Antifa is a no nothing...the right wing push it as some evil boogeyman meanwhile most of their reporting is biased and or faked on it...

there are no actual casualty lists from Antifa


Stephen crowder...another right wing mouth piece...famous for editing, falsifying and misrepresenting the content on his vids all the time

The heritage foundation...are you kidding me..the same heritage foundation that said only 40k troops would be needed in Iraq...and that the Iraqis would welcome the Americans...the same think tank that came up with Obama's affordable care, the same plan which was toted by conservatives in the 1980's, implemented by mitt Romney and then which they lied about ever having came up with it becasue Obama did it?

As for the bike lock attacker, there is no actual evidence he's from antifa...

the other video had nothing to with antifa either...

*Mueller An't Got Anything, he never did...*

Once again wrong...

And a federal judge just recently slammed bill barr as having purposely spun and misrepresented the seriousness and findings of the Mueller report in a court of law publicly.