Art and Sculpture Commissions: CLOSED

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When my commissions are open, you can either note me here or send a message to or to order a commission~


Art Prices:
I can do either digital or traditional. If you order a traditional piece from me I can also send it to you in the mail for an additional $2 charge. I will do a sketch of your request and then once you approve it, I'll have you send the money and I'll continue working on the piece

Sketch- $15 (can be either traditional pen or digital)
Furfrou Trims by Iron-Zing

Colored Sketch- $25-$45 (depending on how complex your character's markings are)
Halycon colored sketch commission by Iron-Zing

Inked Lineart- $30

Flat-Colored Lineart- $45-$70 (depending on how complex your character's markings are)
Gym Leader Gordie: Animal Crossing version by Iron-Zing

Character Design Sheet (full color)- range is $150-$350, see below
Refpricerange by Iron-Zing

Full-color piece with background- currently not offering these
Afterwards by Iron-Zing
Zoroark vs Archen by Iron-Zing

Sculpture Prices:

Commissions for sculptures are currently limited to friends only.
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Damn, I'd love to get a sketch or something from you, but I don't have anything I particularly want drawn. Uhm. I'll have to think on this.