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Desdemona the Froslass figure



**Want a custom sculpture? See my commission info here- **

The second prize that Nehirium won by getting second place in the Black Tourney :D




This was like the hardest sculpture I've ever done ._. FROSLASS WHY U HAVE NO REAL ANATOMY I CANNOT SCULPT YOU. Seriously I remade her like 10 times adhjsgfkjdasgf. The little diamond in the head isn't just painted on, it's actually a depression, which was hard to get right. And then she was always off balance for no reason and bluhhhhhh

But in the end I finally made one that looked good XD Oh man and painting under her jaw was hell too, I kept smearing purple paint all over the parts of her that were meant to be white |D loooool I am never sculpting this pokeman again haha
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I like this one alot :3 it looks like the real one alot in my opinion :D