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Thor Finished

By Iron-Odin
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Here it is, finished!

It's not perfect,but I'm pretty proud of it for numerous reasons.

Art: Olivier Coipel and :iconmarkmorales:

Paints: Me

Thor (c) Marvel Entertainment
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wonderful, u did great job, bravo
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Come, trusty steed, wait, I can fly.
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Was this painted over pencils or inks? Also what program are you using? The paints really enhances the linework without overpowering it completely. Well done!
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It was the inks. I used Painter 11.

Sorry for the YEAR LATE response but THANK YOU :)
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uuhh.. is he rideing loki's kid? cuz it looks like that horse has six legs..
Chibi-Goddess-Ny's avatar
Awesome!, the drawing and coloring. :love:
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Wow man. This is pretty amazing.
I am definitely gonna have to hit you up for a collab at some point
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Awesome work, although I prefer the bearded Thor. ;) (I know Marvel likes more the clean-shaven type)
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I agree, but this piece of Olivier, and Mark's was too good to pass up :)
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Very, very nice!
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XD its Thor!! and you even have his 8 legged horse!
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Woop! Tomorrow is Thor's day! That's one small hammer he's got there though.
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OMG! jaw on the floor, impressive colors
you would be a perfect colorist for olivier's covers ;)
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That's quite the compliment, thank you :)
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Very nice colors.
How long did that take you?
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All in all it took me maybe 16-20 hours. I worked on it on and off for a few weeks or something. All I know is that there was a lot of trial and error :)
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It definitely looks time consuming.
Really good job.
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that is so awesome!

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Wow, really love the final result! Especially the horse!
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Glad you likes :)
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Fabulous color, ouah !!!!! you can be proud of, it's splendid !
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this came out awesome dude. very good job
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