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..1- Sutecchi, (ステッチ) "Stitch" a Zanpakutō based on my Stitches character. The sword is double edged and is in it's unreleased sealed form.

..2- A sword crafted from volcanic rock and minerals.

..3- Devil's Crown, A sadistic thorny sword with slight similarities to a flamberge.

..4- An Industrial themed sword, with rotational blade capabilities and a sledge hammer pummel.

..5- Kuroi Ame, (黒い雨) "Black Rain" A Zanpakutō with gravitational abilities and seethes with enough reiatsu that becomes visible as black water rising off the blade.

..6- A Vampiric sword that feeds on the blood of its master's enemies. The sword's soul glows brighter as it feeds, and dimmer when its weak from thirst.

..7- A unique design that is both elegant and devastating. The shape of the blade is designed in such a way that it can be used in a number of ways. It's an axe, saw, sword and throw-able weapon all rolled into one.

..8- A high tech designed sword with units that can unhinge and curve forward or back.

..9- This design comes directly from my novel. A top of the line Iron Fox Corp. Combat Tactical Sword. Made from a metal harvested in space. The metal is a natural matte black color and is lighter and far superior to steel in every way, it is almost paper thin with an edge that is as sharp as obsidian. Erik Thomson is the only known Iron Fox personnel to have ownership of this weapon.

..10- An accursed immortal blade that draws its power from the souls of the dead.

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