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Sword Designs 4
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Published: January 30, 2009
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..1- A generic but elegant sword. with a yin-yang symbol in the hilt.

..2- Tesla's Point- a Tesla themed sword that can release a short ranged pulse of electricity.

..3- Mantis, a Praying Mantis themed sword.

..4- HAMMR, Inspired by the cybernetics and Robotics of the Iron Fox Corporation.

..5- Multi-Purpose Sword depending on how it's wielded it can either impale, slash, or dismember opponents. It can be upgraded

..6- G-Virus Blade, themed off the G-Virus and William Birkin of Resident Evil 2.

..7- T-Virus Blade, themed off the T-Virus and the Tyrant B.O.W. of Resident Evil.

..8- A high tech short sword, that can be upgraded.

..9- Dragon's Wrath, A powerful crushing sword, made to pulverize enemies.

..10- Wreckless, a very crud sword, but it makes up for it by being light weight, quite tough, and easy to wield with one hand.

..BONUS DESIGN.. Las Plagas sword- [link]

-Previous Sword designs-

Sword Designs 1- [link]
Sword Designs 2- [link]
Sword Designs 3- [link]
Sword Designs 5- [link]
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MEGA1LUCARIOHobbyist Writer
Five is impractical to use in battle, because I'd be easy to impale yourself on the strip near the hilt one is the most practical sword here, just by looking at the hilt, because it isn't completely round-looking.
These are my only complaints and comments.
MEGA1LUCARIOHobbyist Writer
Ment it'd where I'd is
librarian-of-hell's avatar
librarian-of-hellHobbyist Writer
Do you watch Skallagrim or Metatron?
britannicraiser's avatar
britannicraiserHobbyist Interface Designer
those all look like a fun challange to make though number 10 has most of my curiosity.
erjill's avatar
erjillHobbyist Artist
If I may, is it possible to use your design for creation of personal 3d content? Where, the final render will be posted, with credits given, and a link to your deviant art account?.
SoulOfFire1512's avatar
SoulOfFire1512Hobbyist Digital Artist
My favorite sword is the 9
kiArikiii's avatar
kiArikiiiHobbyist General Artist
mi foverite is 6
TommiLamanepa's avatar
TommiLamanepaHobbyist Traditional Artist
swords no. 5 is my favorite..
Diyaru4500's avatar
Diyaru4500Hobbyist Digital Artist
5 I recognize from Skyrim :D
TheOfficialC7's avatar
TheOfficialC7Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could I get your permission to make this (your) work out of a flash design for a certain game? :)
Hakim129's avatar
Dude for this one I want num 6 for for comic insta is dan_hak
Max00100's avatar
Max00100Student General Artist
Do you think I could draw one of these swords? :) I'd credit and link you of coarse :3
Vampire737's avatar
Vampire737Hobbyist Digital Artist
couldn't wait for your approval :D, sorry ^^;
you can find it [Here] and [Here]
Vampire737's avatar
Vampire737Hobbyist Digital Artist
Does number 9 have a specific name?
Vampire737's avatar
Vampire737Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice :)
i was wondering if i can create one of these in 3D?
ZephyrChaos's avatar
ZephyrChaosHobbyist Artist
All of your blade designs are fantastic.
Darkfox2435's avatar
I would have the Mantis and Dragon's Wrath in my home so I could use them to defend myself. If you have any dagger, bow, and/or shield designs I would love to see those as well.
LizardMime's avatar
I think the mantis is the coolest here, it just spells 'i'm ment for killing' all over it
Mc-Crashland's avatar
Your illustrations have helped flesh out a fanfiction of mine where i have used the discription of #1 in my story. (have credited you in its end discription.)
Kenseiden's avatar
nicely done good job
REALzeles's avatar
REALzelesHobbyist Digital Artist
I can use the sword number 8 for inspiration? I have a character I want to use it and this gripping, will not be 100% exactly like yours
DominusNihilum's avatar
Personally, I like the 'Tesla's Point' the most. I don't think it is the most powerful out of all of the swords here, including those on other pages, per say. I do, however think it looks the coolest.
ratninja's avatar
mind if i take some of these designs?
anonymous's avatar
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