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..1- A generic but elegant sword. with a yin-yang symbol in the hilt.

..2- Tesla's Point- a Tesla themed sword that can release a short ranged pulse of electricity.

..3- Mantis, a Praying Mantis themed sword.

..4- HAMMR, Inspired by the cybernetics and Robotics of the Iron Fox Corporation.

..5- Multi-Purpose Sword depending on how it's wielded it can either impale, slash, or dismember opponents. It can be upgraded

..6- G-Virus Blade, themed off the G-Virus and William Birkin of Resident Evil 2.

..7- T-Virus Blade, themed off the T-Virus and the Tyrant B.O.W. of Resident Evil.

..8- A high tech short sword, that can be upgraded.

..9- Dragon's Wrath, A powerful crushing sword, made to pulverize enemies.

..10- Wreckless, a very crud sword, but it makes up for it by being light weight, quite tough, and easy to wield with one hand.

..BONUS DESIGN.. Las Plagas sword- [link]

-Previous Sword designs-

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Sword Designs 2- [link]
Sword Designs 3- [link]
Sword Designs 5- [link]
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