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Sword Designs 2

By Iron-Fox
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after getting a great response to the previous Sword designs I decided to come up with some new ones. but this time I put more spent more time on them. Enjoy.

..1- Bush Hook sword, a bush hook is a tool that a friend of mine gave reference to. and I thought it would make a nice sword design.

..2- A rose and thorn themed blade that has a special handle that wraps around the wielder.

..3- A very sleek and agile themed sword with a sort of Elven feel to it.

..4- A well built sword with a very sturdy grip and technological enhancements.

..5- An industrial and Saw themed sword that is very tough and versatile.

..6- A giant Kunai themed sword, that carries a certain sunrise and forest style to it.

..7- A mass produced large futuristic sword for a heavy armored squad. It's not quite a broad sword but is close.

..8- "Widow-Maker", A double edged Zanpakuto design that has a very sinister appeal.

Sword Designs 1- [link]
Sword Designs 3- [link]
Sword Designs 4- [link]
Sword Designs 5- [link]

....Please do not take without asking....
comments and fav's very welcome..
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is it ok if i use these for some personal projects?
i wouldn´t upload it, i only would show it some of my rl friends.
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I love the fourth one. :)
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thegrimarterStudent Traditional Artist
Mun7 is the coolest
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BluresmHobbyist Artist
Number 7 is probably the most balanced sword of the bunch, that is the least likely to cause you some kind of injury. Like stabbing yourself with spikes.
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firefish25Student Traditional Artist
great job really like number 8
LaReforma1857's avatar
Awesome job :)
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LalaNorisuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Look awseoe
Ludwig1920's avatar
Ludwig1920Student General Artist
I don´t know. As a fencer I have to say non of them would work in a real combat.

Cool designs anyway. ;)
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KrazanaHobbyist Artist
Love #3. It looks rugged, but sleek at the same time! Love the hook on it. Also the handle on #8 is very exquisite.
skjaldulfr's avatar
skjaldulfrHobbyist Traditional Artist
They haven't been criticized by HEMA snobs yet? Skallagrim would tear these swords apart.
RedKakari's avatar
RedKakariHobbyist Digital Artist
These all look amazing!
Katy-Doggie's avatar
Katy-DoggieStudent Traditional Artist
My fav is 7.
GSquadron's avatar
GSquadron Digital Artist
This made me watch you.
Fnafandundertaleis's avatar
FnafandundertaleisHobbyist Traditional Artist
whao! those are awsome!
Creeper202's avatar
Creeper202Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the fifth one. It gives off a steampunk vibe.
May I draw it with one of my characters? I'll give you credit.
hunterhunter40's avatar
hunterhunter40Hobbyist General Artist
Tbh, though, seriously, number 5's handguard with the saw chunk would hurt the user-
princesaaid's avatar
princesaaid Filmographer
Nice work. Simple and with detail. I am going to try and create one of your swords in 3d I am still learning so I am not 100% great at this art yet.
Dragongirlwithwings's avatar
May I use one of the sword designs (1-5) for a drawing, please. I will credit you for the sword design.
AliveSuicideBoomer's avatar
i really liked them all
razafrazartsu's avatar
razafrazartsuProfessional Digital Artist
hi, im a armor cosplayer and im working on an OC character and i was wondering if i could your swords as a ref for my character weapons. i would greatly appreciate it and would give you credit where ever you need it!
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