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Updated Sunday Apr 7, 2013. I was unsatisfied with how the overall piece looked, so I retouched the whole thing

The Phalanx [fey-langks] is a mechanized soldier developed and mass produced in the war factories of Hell.

Since the dawn of time Hell has observed mankind's ingenuity for killing one another with admiration, and so Hell has reconstructed and augmented some of man's technology as they see fit.

The Phalanx is operated by a combination of minor demonic possession and artificial intelligence. The entire mechanism is heavily armored and well powered by a hybrid hellfire reactor core.

The Phalanxes get their name from the ancient Greek and Macedonian battle formation, as they will bond together to form a single well protected unit.

The minigun fires armor-piercing tungsten carbide ammunition

Concept art for Stitches: Pariah Of Hell game/story
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welp, we're fucked.
Drnecropolis's avatar
Totally brutal, amazing work!
TheAsorlinsStrike's avatar
They are named after the Greek formation that used the Hoployn Shield. But yet they use the shield that was Roman that made the testudeo formation. 
Zaparcik's avatar
This looks like some mini-boss for Painkiller games :D Neat desing. I love the shield. Warhammerish style as well,good place for inspiration.
varunversion1's avatar
Space marine from warhammer 40k influences. Very well done.
Iron-Fox's avatar
not at all actually. :D thanks though
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This is really, really good work...I like how you have presented it too just enough space between each concept drawin...the chest region has great detailing looks like a guy you don't want to cross!
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Thank you very much. I really wanted it to carry an intimidating presence along with a sense that this thing will take just about anything you could throw at it and think nothing of it.
thanks again, I put a lot into revamping the chest area.
Tamagakure's avatar
. . .

...I really hope I don't have to fight this guy in the next installment of DOOM...
Iron-Fox's avatar
hehehe neither do I. I'm not sure the weapons of D00M could do much harm to this big fella
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Not even that. In the new DOOM game, the BFG uses radiation to flash-evaporate fluids, which is why the demons that tend to be covered in pulsy flesh explode.
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...That's what I'm afraid of...
you've taken something awesome and made it more awesome
Iron-Fox's avatar
muhahaha that was my intent :D thank you very much
Cedar-Ashens's avatar
Holy hell this thing is cool o.o I'd hate to see a legion of these storming out of a portal XD Is there *anything* mortal-made that can damage it beyond a small ding in the armour?
Iron-Fox's avatar
I agree hehe. Yes, just like any machine they can break down or seize up when parts are jammed or damaged. Still it would take a lot to bring down just one of them. so to answer your question yes a mortal-made weapon could do the trick but it would have to be something powerful
Cedar-Ashens's avatar
So nothing as mundane as a spanner getting wedged in it -w- XD It'd be hilarious if it came with an off switch or something, just for sake of something that badass having a really dumb weakness XD

Still, these things do look built to last :3
Iron-Fox's avatar
mhmm. LOL yeah that would be pretty funny. I would imagine a scene like: (The Devil ranting at the demonic engineers): "What the F&#$ you guys! I know I'm the father of all lies but, Honestly, wtf?!" LMAO

that's what I wanted too, made tough and stable.
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That would be funny!! XD
Cedar-Ashens's avatar

Heh, and it looks it :3
grim-dude99's avatar
Oh wow the detail!
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