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So, everyone mourned for the recently passed away Steve Jobs. His death is very sad, he was a great man and did an excellent job making Apple what it is now (or at least playing a big part in the process).
However, nobody talks about the other great man who died recently: Dennis MacAllister Richie, who died at age 70.
Now, most of you may now wonder, who is that man and why should I know him? The answer is simple, Richie was a Unix pioneer. He was the primary inventor of the C programming language.
C was the first high programming language, without C, other programming languages like C++, C#, Java, etc would not have been possible. There are entire programs, even operating systems written solely in C. The Hello World programs most programming languages are presented with were implemented to honor Richie.
In my eyes, Richie's work is even more important than Jobs'.
So, if you honor Steve Jobs, you should also honor Dennis MacAllister Richie, as Jobs' success would also not have been possible without Richie.

Just saying.
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