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Hello everyone,
today I'm going to tell you a little bit about a game I started developing. I don't know how long it will take to finish, but it might be some time. This is also an experiment for me. The picture is a sketchy mockup. The game will be designed in Unity and is planned to be available for MacOSX and Windows.
More information will be added as the development progresses.

Game facts:
The game will be based on the Sofareso/Wraithkin species I created. The basic mode will be a jump'n'run/platformer. I'm not talking about Super Mario-esque here, of course. There will be no question mark boxes to jump at (mine will have exclamation marks insted – nah, just kidding) and there will be significantly more story involved than "Bowser kidnapped Peach, go rescue her". In fact, there will also be RPG-elements in the game, such as experience and skills.
I might also add levels that will stray from the normal jump'n'nun mode, as well as some puzzles.

The setting:
I won't be going into detail on the story this early. However, I plan levels set on several different planets that will be visited during the journey of the game. Each planet will most likely have several levels, I'm hoping to make each planet unique concerning its environment and the creatures living there.

Once you gained enough experience, you level up and gain points that can be invested in skills. Standard RPG way. I'm not sure yet wether this will be possible immediately, or if the experience will be calculated at the end of the level. Some levels might be impossible to beat at the moment they become playable, especially if they are story-related levels. Now, each new planet will have several levels. Only one of them will be story-related. The others contain side missions or items. It's likely that the story-level can not be beaten the moment it becomes available, because the enemies are too strong or you're lacking a necessary skill. If so, it's best to complete the optional levels or, if I include them, random grinding levels.

The Character:
The character you will play is a Wraithkin. Starting out relatively weak, he will gain strength and new skills during the course of the game. While he will only know basic melee fighting in the beginning, he will learn more complex attacks and eventually develop ranged abilities as well. On the picture, you see him using his ranged skills, pushing an enemy away.

GameMaker Studio
Photoshop CS2 (hopefully I can upgrade sometime during development)
Cinema 4D R13
iMac, MacBook Pro
Drawing Tablet
...and all the other stuff that's usually involved...
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