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Rautherion Lightning reinterpretation

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Published: November 23, 2019
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"The galaxy is a dangerous place, and one cannot always rely on the authorities to be in the right place at the right time. This being the case, many planetary governments have created small planetary defense militias, and the Rautherion Lightning is the backbone of such organizations. It falls somewhere between a fighter and a gunboat, and is versatile enough to take on the many roles required of such a craft." - purchasing a Lightning

The Lightning was one of my favorite ships from Ambrosia Software's game Escape Velocity Nova. My own interpretation is a compact, versatile craft that's a bit overpowered for its size. It is armed with six cannons at the wing tips, as well as six missile tubes, each housing one or two missiles, depending on the size. The ship houses a powerful reactor, providing ample power for its shields and engines, making it sturdy, fast and agile. However, since the reactor is somewhat overscaled for a ship of this size, it produces a lot of heat, which is constantly radiated into space by radiators located around the Lightning's utility pods. This creates a rather large heat signature for a ship of this size.

Here's a cinematic shot:
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Reminds me of the Minbari fighter from Babylon 5.
Nial class fighter…
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IrolanHobbyist General Artist
True, they both have a tri-wing design. But the Minbari ships were organic, weren't they? At least they looked like it. By the way, this is the original ship:……
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I believe you may be partially right. I seem to remember that the technology was in part based on Vorlon?
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IrolanHobbyist General Artist
Ok, so after doing some reading, Minbari ships were not organic, despite the looks. They were actually made from some very dense crystaline material. The only Minbari ships with Vorlon technology were the White Star ships.
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Thank you for the update. I had always thought that the Minbari had a closer relationship with Vorlon due to their involvement in the Last Shadow War.