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Javelin Cruiser in Octane



The Javelin Cruiser is an ancient warship found drifting in space. Most of its memory banks were long degraded, but there was enough left to get it running again. The ship is 4,400 meters (14,436 feet) long and built around a massive hypertron cannon, capable of ripping apart entire planets. It is also armed with an array of plasma arc projectors for point defense, as well as several plasma missile launchers and two plasma torpedo launchers.

This model is from 2014, based on another model that's like 25 or so years old. Decided to render it in Octane.
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Sounds and looks like a ship designed to operate as a mobile artillery piece at the core of a fleet, specifically to destroy some stellar body.

That planet-cracker has to be aimed by pointing the whole ship like a rifle, and the power plants of a ship that size probably couldn't ready shots for it fast enough to provide more than one or two a battle. Also, the rest of its armaments reads almost like a sci-fi version of an aircraft carrier's defensive weapons.