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There once was a legendary vampire lord named Arakhul who wielded a powerful weapon called Bloodshadow. The same unknown individual who crafted this infamous weapon created at least one other weapon: Blackthorn.

While the history of Bloodshadow is well documented, the story of Blackthorn is much more obscure. The weapon itself is difficult to categorize. It is something inbetween a parry dagger and a small sword. Forged from the same ebony that also made up Bloodshadow's blade, the weapon possessed the same type of enchantment, being able to drain blood and sangrin (blood energy) from any victim stabbed with it. However, unlike Bloodshadow, the enchantment was crafted directly into the weapon and could thus not be altered. It is thus assumed that Blackthorn may have been a prototype for Bloodshadow.

During the course of the past couple of centuries, Blackthorn changed hands multiple times. The last known owner was a vampire hunter named Heldrynn the Pale, also known as Heldrynn the Bloodless. It is said that Heldrynn had found a way to drain his blood without dying, in order to make himself unpalatable to vampires. However, this process eventually cost him his sanity. He developed the belief that the only way to rid the world of vampires was to take away their food source: blood. As such, when he got his hands on Blackthorn, he began to use it to drain people of their blood, trying to duplicate his own bloodlessness. However, he failed to do so and murdered over 100 people, blaming it all on vampires, until he was eventually found out and killed by the inquisition.

The inquisitors found several dark artifacts in his possession, but allegedly Blackthorn was not among them. What happened to the blade is unknown.


I saw a shape and it inspired me to create sort of a combination of Bloodshadow and Entropy. Originally I thought maybe Arakhul used this as a secondary weapon if he doesn't want to wip out the big blade. But I figured it's more interesting if it has its own story.

This stupid guard cost me much more time and nerves than necessary, because of C4D's random distribution of polygons and some other functions not working how I needed them. Had to spend a lot of time adjusting stuff manually.

For more information check out the Artstation post:…

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