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Artistic Rose- WIP by Irochy07 Artistic Rose- WIP by Irochy07
So, I'm not the best ever with my hands... but I love to paint and draw. I've been doing it ever since I was a little girl... really my whole life, and I'm still not any good at either of these art styles.
So why try and paint a rose? Or anything? Well, in all honesty, I had the urge to paint, so I did. I decided to make something simple and use it to practice my lighting. Lighting is a difficult, but vital piece to every piece of art, so I suggest you all do whatever you need to to practice. 
Anyway, each pedal is a different color. The stem is going to be made of fire and I think I'll have a few flame pedals or sprouts jutting out around the flower pedals... I allow my artistic side and my creative mind to alter the image as I see fit (the water wrap around was not originally part of the design, but that's what I ended up doing.) and just let myself paint. I find it hones many skills and tests my abilities with color theory that I can recap on as well as working on my lighting and my over all ability to create. I want to be a well rounded artist, so I do the best that I can and see where I can improve later on.

Credit full creation and ideas remain my own. Please do not share this image (which, I don't know why anyone would.) without proper credits back to my deviant art account. Thanks! Love Heart  Critiques welcome!
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November 26, 2014
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