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Abandoned Train Station 3.0

Updated to 3.0 [FINAL] : 1.40 PM (GMT+8), 25/09/2016
Next and Back buttons will now blink and the progress bar had been tweaked to match the font's digitized format. 

*Read this only if you downloaded it before the said time and date and only if you wish to update it to the newer version.
Otherwise skip this paragraph and jump forward to Skins used.
Just download the updated .rmskin again for the new layout (overwrite the existing layout upon asked) and download the file from Note2 below and follow the instruction from there.

Updated to 2.0 : 10.52 PM (GMT+8), 24/09/2016
Added a few little new stuffs like next and back button, a progress bar, some "glasses" and the time duration of the music.

Skins used :

Enigma - modified
MovingMusic - Modified (the music track will scroll from right to left)
*Please note that due to the fact that the font included is lacking all of the foreign characters available, the position may goes wonky if you want it to show music titles, artists or albums with foreign characters like Chinese, Japanese, and the likes as it'll use the Window's default font as a replacement.
Most of the special symbols / characters are not able to be shown properly as well.
If you had found a font that is similar to this and include most of the foreign characters and special symbols / characters that are used commonly, feel free to comment below so I can change it. 
Music Progressbar (Includes most of the miscellaneous stuffs like 
next and back button, progress bar and time duration, made by me)  

Background :…   <<< I don't know the original artist as I found it in wallpaper websites. Modified a bit.

The .rmskin contains modified MovingMusic and layout only.

Note :…
Please obtain the original Enigma first, and then make a copy of it and rename it to "Enigma (Abandoned Train Station)" in "My Documents > Rainmeter > Skins". 
Download the file above and extract them to "My Document > Rainmeter > Skins", it contains the modified Enigma skin, overwrite them all upon asked.
Lastly, delete the "ChevronClock.W" in "My Document > Rainmeter > Skins > Enigma (Abandoned Train Station) > @ Resources > Images > Clock" to have the outer ring of the clock removed, or you can just keep it if you like it.

Accepting requests for creating rainmeter layouts based on your wallpaper.
NOTE : I may or may not accept them, depending if I like the wallpaper or not.
© 2016 - 2021 Iroaseta
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If I prefer to put the time and date or CPU usage in the moving text what should I do?

The skin does not recognize me song, artist and album even after changing the player path. Could you tell me exactly how to do it from the start?

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I like it ^^ , could u please up the background ?
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Should be working now.
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Thanks a lot !
& keep it up , i love your work ;)
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