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[strudel stampbook] CHOMPY

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 14, 2018, 4:41 PM
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L0061 - Green apple gummy alligators by StrudelCupboard
NAME: chompy swampy (chompy)
AGE: adult
PRONOUNS: he/him
SUBSPECIES:  trickster
FILLING: sour apple gummy alligators
Trickster subspecies!
🍏Nub horns, common. 
🍏Gumdrop ears, common. 
🍏Standard tail, common. 
🍏Colored sclera,  pedigree.
🍏Gator spikes, Trickster exclusive!

chompy is a rough and tumble kind of guy. he's loud, and can be temperamental, and has destructive tendencies, making him.... a bit much for most strudels. he mostly is like that because he doesn't know his own strength, and is not very good at reading other strudels. he is enthusiastic and enjoys eating, swimming, and tearing things up. it takes a special kind of patient strudel to be friends with him, or someone who is equally as rowdy as he is.
chompy never really knew his parents, and grew up mainly on his own. he tries his best to make friends, but his rowdy nature generally drives people away. he's too oblivious to notice that he's generally disliked, so he lives on his own, and seems okay with that. his first offering was a bag of sour apple alligator gummies, which weren't really an offering, but dropped by a child when he jumped out and started them. he took this as an offering, and no one dares to tell him any different. 
Lycan Icon by irlnya
(owned by barafrog 
lycan and chompy really just get each other. lycan only speaks in grunts, but chompy understands him perfectly, and lycan is patient enough to listen to chompy ramble. they love each other very much.
Toulouse Icon by irlnya
owned by AlliBun
chompy is toulouse's bodyguard, and follows him almost everywhere he goes. he would do anything to protect the little strudel prince.
 5835262 MK4E5da4rpDRYYP by irlnya
a lump of coal with googly eyes and a bow. he believes that it's alive, and doesn't move because it is very tired. he named it "sheila."

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