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Продолжение темы "злодеи и их домашние любимцы" =D

Azog and his white wolfie ^^
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It could be more great they actually used the Original Warg Arts like this One…
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Awesome Picture ! :D

I like the Wargs in the Hobbit; they are more accurate and given more role as a intelligent race more than just riding things
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So both wargs are subspecies in middle earth?
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Why are the wargs look like the wolves in the hobbit ? I mean did the creators forgot to bring the hyena ones from the LOTR ?
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It's just an improvement in the design to make it closer to the book. Because in the book it's said clearly that wargs are giant wolves, not hyenas -____-
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Thank you ^^
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I love how the style,color and subject blend so beautifully together.
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Wow, awesome drawing, i wish i could draw like you do!! I am very, very impressed by that one and i have to agree with you, this kind of wargs are a lot better than the ones in LOTR, which dosen't mean, that i haven't liked them. I do like them but i like the ones in the hobbit way more :D Saw the Movie for the second time today with my Dad, My uncle and my aunt and we were all speechless again haha XD I so can't wait to see the other two movies *___* And sorry for my crappy english XD Greetings from germany and have a wonderfull start for 2013 next week ;)
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Thank you so much! :meow:
My opinion is quite the same, because I like hyenas too =) But wolf-like wargs are better. And closer to the book)
I really don't know how to tolerate such a long waiting T__T A whole year!
Your English is good, I think) I am not a native speaker too btw.
Thank you again ^^
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Thank you very much as well and i totally agree with you :D
Sadly i haven't read the book yet, but i will change that because i got it for christmas :D I can't wait to read it *_*
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Great work! And yes, they are a huge improvement compared to the wargs in LOTR (which were rather mutant troll/hyena hybrids then wolves). The wargs of the Hobbit are feral, regal, and yet downright cute at the same time. I think it has to do with the somewhat reptilian skull...
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Thank you =)
I agree, the design has been improved a lot *__* I wonder if the designers in LOTR have slept during their biology lessons, so that they didn't know the difference between a wolf and a hyena...
I noticed that they resemble big wild cats in some way ;) But yes, maybe there also something reptilian.
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I think it was Peter Jackson... He likes such wide-mouthed designs (must be something from his years as a zombie horror director). Look at his trolls, too... In a way the head of the LOTR wargs looked a lot like the LOTR trolls.
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Cool. I like how dynamic it is :)
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Thank you ^____^
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хоспади,какая обаяшка
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Недаром у меня к ним любовь с первого взгляда)
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