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July 21, 2007
Marauders Era by ~IriusAbellatrix

There's a large fanbase for the generation prior to Harry's at Hogwarts, the group of kids often referred to as the Maurauders. Imagine my delight when I stumbled accross this: the perfect way to feature the Maurauders, their friends and enemies during HP Week, and from an artist who deserves WAY more recognition! The rest of her gallery is simply wonderful too.
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Marauders Era

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This is gorgeous but andromeda is a hufflepuff 😭

LizzyChrome's avatar

I love the Beatles-based Maurauders, even if seeing Ringo as Pettigrew hurts a bit. (Oddly enough, I've come to imagine adult Lupin as late 1960s Ringo Starr.) I absolutely love everyone's hair here, especially Andromeda's!

these are awesome!
Bellatrix looks properly scary!
no1wantsthisname's avatar
Peter is perfect! xD And James looks great (he reminds me of Robin Williams for some reason!)
Love Snape & Lucius, although I do think they (and several of the others) look older than they're supposed to.
Really like Andromeda, too. Narcissa & Bellatrix are a little different than I picture them, but well-drawn.
madame-narwhal's avatar
Bellatrix kinda reminds me of Azula from A:TLA.
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I ADORE ANDY!! Andromeda Black is awesome here.. I don't see much fanart about her sadly.
Remus, Lily, Sev, Narcisia and Andromeda are my favorites... I don't know about Sirius he looks very different from what I imagine him..
James looks absolutely smug. Bellatrix gives me the creeps, good going there and she's breaking the fourth wall like the maniac she is.

Malfoy is just as repulsive but handsome as I've always envisioned him and Pettigrew reminds me of Dudley with touch of Mortimer Mouse.. idk... they way he's looking towards Evans is really creepy. It reminds me of how he was always after Minnie...

Andromeda's look at her sister is just perfect! I also love how Remus and Sirius are looking at eachother, Sirius looks like he's trying to convince him of something and Remus is just tired but amuse with that "You'll never grow up will you, Pads?" air.

Andy and Lily take the cake though, I don't think I'll ever see them in any different from how you drew them. Thanks for that. <3
I love it! It might be just me but sirius' messy hair kinda looks like andromeda but sheis meant   to by his fav cousin 
Stored-with-yew-bow's avatar
oh wow, this is perfect (although i think it causes confusion to refer to the walpurgis era as the marauders era, because then you have half the fandom thinking they were at school together when they were almost a decade apart in age)... literally the only complaints i have are severus and remus. severus because although he does look SO snapey, he looks a lot older than 17. like a lot older. he's perfect as 25+ sev though XD and remus for the reasons on the other picture, that i dont agree with the grey streak or the ears. especially the ears. but thats just me :) the walpurgis era are magnificent, especially the black sisters... they're exactly as i imagine them!! lily looks fantastic, not just a green-eyed ginny like so many people draw her. i like how dromeda isnt wearing her tie, as a symbol of her defection to the light side :') ah dromeda. i love the way you draw her, and shes pretty much my favourite character.
black-cliche's avatar
James reminds me of harry in AVPM 
black-cliche's avatar
now that I look at it again....he doesn't really....
hehe he reminds me more of seamus really.
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kimbojimbo75's avatar
Bellatrix reminds me of Azula...
Powalski13's avatar
They are ALL so lovely! But, I would have to say Remus = BESTEST EVER!!
SideshowJazz17's avatar
It's quite nice...but shouldn't Andromeda look a bit more like Bellatrix, according to the book descriptions?
i agree, actually. i think it would be fine if their noses werent different and if bella had wavy hair.
Lorenoide's avatar
Estaba yo felizmente viendo fanart de HP en la noche y BOOM! Sale Bellatrix y se q ya no voy a dormir x.X
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SI casi me muero cuando la vi, suerte que por aca son las 6 de la tarde y todavía no estamos en invierno y no oscurecio o estaría mirando sobre mi hombro para ver si esta ahi o algo... Parece la psicópata que siempre me imaginaba en los libros... Suerte que esta Andromeda para calmarme.. es DIVINA!
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Pettigrew looks like the guy on the MAD covers …
FireFrost076's avatar
Wow, Bellatrix looks insanely crazy!
ninsennansen's avatar
Awesome :D I love your art :)
Atenea217's avatar
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOVE IT! Amazing portraits! Really wonderful!
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